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Spots, Spots everywhere :o(

YEP DEFINETLY detoxing. I was the same of lipotrim when i started out. Now even my mother (who hates to compliment) has mentioned how lovely my complexion is . did take a few weeks though and i still get the odd one or two when TOTM is here


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It is common and is just the body getting rid of the toxins, this is usually because of all the extra water people take in.

Have had loads of clients comment they have spots but then all of them comment on how lovely their skin and hair is after a few weeks of perfect nutrition and water hydration.



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I'm still spotty after 4 weeks, the same three spots will not go! and i never had spots before. I really think they have set up camp lol
I never had spots the first time round either but his time i had a few in the first week, but after a week they were gone and my skin is glowing. They'll be gone in no time hun xx
My big problem is that once they are there I cannot stop picking at them, I know that sounds disgusting sorry


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I am just into week 6 and my spots finally seem like they are going. Used to have clear skin - so its annoying to be spotty now!! Light at the end of the tunnel though and a colleaugue of mine who did LL last year very successfully says our skin will end up lovely! Lets keep our fingers crossed!

As my fabulously blunt CDC said "It's the crap coming out hun, wear them proudly"

Lol, she's nuts, but yeah i had spots for ages but got much better after a while xx
I have always suffered with my skin and can wholeheartedly recommend Freederm gel its about £8.95 and you can buy it from Boots. Once I have applied it the spot is on its way out but yet it doesn't try out your face at all. Honestly it is a wonder product ! x


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Pure distilled witch hazel on a cotton wool ball is bloody marvellous! I have very sensitive skin but his is gentle and your skin feels so clean afterwords. Its about 90p in Sainsburies, or you can get it from the pharmacy bit at Tesco for just over £1. Great stuff! Takes make-up off well too!


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