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I will get into that wedding dress!
Emmie I can definitely notice a difference in my skin but I too am getting spots. Everyday I wake up with a new one whilst an old one disappears. Hopefully they will all clear up.


I will get into that wedding dress!
got a bl00dy awful one near my mouth!! looks like a coldsore!! yuck!!
I am have spots at the moment too, and sometimes my forehead is quite dry. My CDC said she had noticed people in their 20's seem to suffer the most at the start of CD with spots. I wonder if that is true?
I keep getting spots too, and i'm supposed to be a proper grown up lol.
The sides of my mouth are splitting too, dont know whats causing it all, perhaps its the virus that I have had coz I still feel Poo!
I must pull myself together and get myself sorted.
Lynne x


I will get into that wedding dress!
thinking of putting toothpaste on it try and get rid! i hate spots makes me feel about 12!!!! (think ill wait till the postmans been though!!)
Hi Emmie

Firstly - congrats on your fab weight loss ! Well done you !

Re the spots - I had breakouts during the week 1 and week 2 - some real nasty squeezable ones ! (euggghhh !). Am now on day 21 and my skin is the clearest it has been in ages ! Keep trying to drink loads of water, as this apparently helps !
I know what you mean Emmie, I haven't had spots for years and they just started cropping up. I am putting on a face mask this morning.
Hi girls,

Yep i suffered with breakouts for the first month or so but my skin is really clear now, the only other thing i have noticed is that it tends to need more moisturising, so i slap on an intensive moisture mask once a month.

Whilst at the breakout stage a bought a garnier anti bacterial moisturiser which is supposed to control breakouts and a little tea tree roll on stick both got rid of any spots pronto!

It will be worth the teenage skin for the teenage body i promise.



I will get into that wedding dress!
oohh i like the thought of that!!! teenage face then teenage body...............


Trying to stay healthy!
hey Emmie, sorry to hear about your spotty problem! hope they calm down soon, but as already said it'll be the toxins getting out of your system. In the meantime do you have any lavender oil or tea tree, just one small dab and it works a treat, i swear by it!


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