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Hi All

Has anyone else noticed that since starting this diet, they have spots?
I am drinking more water than I ever have in my life but my skin has gone awful? Do you think it is just toxins leaving my system? Surely this shouldn't last this long though? ( I am on week 6).
Anyone got any thoughts? xx:(
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I would say it is toxins as this diet does act like a big clear out.
i am lucky as have never had spots, but i have patches of excema now which i havent had for an age... but thats down to all the milk powder i think!
Try the tea tree washes, my girls swear byt hem and they are in the throws of terrible teen spots.


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Thanks Tilly, will try! I m at risk of being skinny but looking like a pizza! Lol! (Ooh, wish I hadn't thought of pizza!) xx


I too had massive big sore spots about week 6 too, but seriously none now bar the very, very occasional wee whitehead.

Skins looking lovely now.


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Thanks Lexie - hopefully they will clear as time goes on. I am 36! I shouldn't have teenage spots! Lol! x
Poor you guys.....I've gone the other way, my skin is terribly dry! Every night I have to smother myself with e45, or when I wake up my face is all patchy. Ewwwww xxxxx


my spots were in random places, I had one on either cheek just at the ear lobe, and then one at each lower corner of my mouth. Took about a week to go but there were solid.


Oh yeah - moisturiser, either Lidls intensive anti wrinkle cream of straight Vitamin E oil from Superdrug. Heartily recommend both.
Mine are all over my chin, which I usually associated with either stress or TOTM - but right now I am pretty chilled and not due on. Maybe it is years of gunk coming out of my pores?!? Perhaps I am shedding weight through them, lol!
Off the subject (sort of - see previous post) I keep seeing that bl**dy Domino's pizza ad and it is driving me crazy! x


Going for Goal!
I have PCOS and suffer from spots normally. One of many things I love about CD is that it clears mine up a treat, and gives me a healthy glow :)
I had spots at first, but then they cleared up and now I only get them around TOTM so I think it's a combination of toxins/hormones.


needs motivating
i have always suffered with spots but since being on this diet my face has cleared right up, it must be having the opposite effect on me lol
ive noticed im getting a couple more spots than usual and a tad erm, blotchy?! lol but not too bad and OMG LISA you have my dog in that picture! :p i have a red cocker spaniel too :D is yours a total nutter??
Had the opposite effect on me too, although I've recently changed my skin care too. Was using lots of different things and have changed to Liz Earle and it's amazing the difference.
No more dry spots, no more spots, more even skin.
Sorry, sounding like a commercial now.

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