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Hi all
Havn't been on in ages but have read through loads of the threads and ye are all doing fantastic. Hello to all the new members and well done on the first weigh ins.
I have been so busy its hard to get time at the computer. I have moved my 9year old son out of his big bedroom and moved my 2 girls into it. Designed it in Bratz and Dora. Havn't slept the little girl in it yet. I'm dreading taking her out of her cot. Redecorated in Liverpool football so my son didn't object and changed the nursery to blue and Thomas the tank for the baby.
Now my house is upsidedown but it was worth it.
The diet it going grand. Back on track. Had a bad time of it about 10 days ago but pulled it together. I'm starting a refeed next week and thats me done and dusted. Going to go shopping again.
I am between sizes. 14 is falling off but a 12 gives the muffin effect with my loose skin. I found this a problem also when i got bras last week. The chemist have said to give the body 6 months to adjust to the weight loss. That means i'm going to be a fantastic babe at xmas....lol.
Keep up the good work lads and lassies.
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you look fantastic in your new pic! I'm like you - my few size 14s are starting to feel a teeny bit too big but not yet a 12. Haven't even dared bra shop yet as thought is too depressing - need something with super-lift!


Posts when she can
The last bras i bought were 42-f. I would have been nursing at the time. When the girl measured me she said 34-d i nearly dropped. Had to get 36-dd for a finish. Sounds disgusting but the bigger cup let me push everything thats loose into the cup. After xmas i'm gonna get a lift. I deserve it after nursing 4 babies and loosing all the weight....lol


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Best bra shop dependant on your size is Bravissimo... I shopped in M&S for years, always wearing a 36C, went to Bravissimo and actually came out in a 34E... My clothes look so much better on and I actually have a proper bust now - well recommended. :D:D:D
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Well done Teg, and haven't you been busy at home!

Bras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am huge! I have been a 38 something further up the alphabet for years. I'm finding my bras loose but when I tried on the 36 same cup it was a tad too tight and the cup felt too small. Well M&S don't go higher so I'm sticking with the 38's for a while!

I nursed all 3 of mine and at my biggest was a J cup!!! OMG!!! I could have supplied the whole of Hampshire!!! Lol!!!

I defo want a lift when I get to target as gravity has failed me!



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Hi Teg
Looking great in your new pic, well done!


Finally a size 12!
Bravissimo is defo best one!! I was shopping at m and s also wearing a 40dd!! Went there and was a 36g!!! Gone down to a 32ff bit tight but holds all the loose skin in ha ha YUCK


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hi Teg, I'm new only been here a couple of weeks but lost 10lb already :D:D

look forward to reading your posts.

I also got measure recently, and i was wearing a 38 c, found out i am a 36 d/dd I was very happy, puppies looking perky again now! :D

waiting for a sarky comment off the men on here with this thread topic!


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Whoop whoop good for you teggers!! sexy mamma switt swoo xxx