im sorry, i dont even know what that is?
Do share Deb - is this something we should all be doing?????

Hope it's not too energetic :D
ahhh ok! was totally befuddled and had high hopes it would be something rude lol.

i can barely water a houseplant im afraid :eek:
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D ..definitey not energetic, unless you want to count the adding of the water. :) :) :)


Now I know what it is I DEFINATELY don't fancy it - read Ms McKeith's book a while back and she recommends it, but it doesn't appeal to me, kinda turns my stomach as I feel it's like watching the beans go off & go all sprouty, like a spud does. Just me being daft I guess, but I won't be doing it myself - happy to eat beansprouts though :rolleyes: :p
LOL... could be fun to have a go.!! :D . Can always re-ebay afterwards if dont take to it or its too fiddly. ;)

Anyone know what the points value is of them ??? I have no ideas. Can anyone check in the books please.!! :)


Deb x
Points kindly supplied by someone on WW forum. :)



According to e-source:

Wheat Seeds Sprouted, 1 portion 3 points

Having tried putting in a couple of weights, it looks like a portion is 100g.

In fact, here's the full list:

Lentils Sprouted, 1 portion 1.5 points
Alfalfa Seeds Sprouted, 1 portion 0 points
Radish Seeds Sprouted, 1 portion 0 points
Soya Beans Sprouted, 1 portion 2.5 points
Wheat Seeds Sprouted, 1 portion 3 points


I will let you know how I get on.:D :D :D :D :D :D
Quickie update.!

Got my "sprouter" today :D :D :D :D :D .

So will be putting some seeds in to do their thing later on and see what happens. Knowing me and my 'disasters' will probably not come out right!! LOL

Hubby thinks I have lost the plot and gone all 'funny'!! :eek: :eek: :D

Deb x
My name is Laura and I am a sprouter :D.
My favourite are alfalfa, they are lovely to go in sandwiches or salads. Mung beans make the kind of bean sprouts you get with your chinese meal.

You don't need any fancy equipment at all. It's great fun for the children to do as well.

You can buy alfalfa seeds at a health food shop and mung beans too.

My method: All you need is a jar...a big coffee jar is ideal and a peice of muslin ( I use cut up tights!!). Put a tablespoon of alfalfa seeds in the jar, with the muslin/tights to go over the top of the jar and secure with an elastic band. fill the jar with water,swill it round and tip it out through the muslin/tights. Do this several times a day. I keep mine on the kitchen window sill so every time I go to the sink it reminds me to do it. In 4-6 days you have a jar full of lovely seed sprouts or beans if you use mung beans. How easy and cheap is that???
they increase in their original weight from 10-15 times!! are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain a percentage of protien. The food value by sprouting is increased by something like 600%!!!
My name is Laura and I am a sprouter :D.!!

:D :D :D :D Hi Laura and fellow sprouter. :)

Thanks for the tips re sprouting. Was beginning to think I was the only one 'sprouting' !! LOL.

My 'experiment' alfalfa are soaked and in the jar waiting for the joys of nature to take place.

Cant wait to see how they turn out.

Deb x
I've been a sprouter. I go through phases of sprouting...then phases of killing it all off.

Bit like houseplants really:eek:
Glad you're keeping yourself busy Deb ;)