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I used to but I switched to drinking perfectly clear flavoured water which is 0carb. Tescos own strawberry and apple waters also have no citric acid.
I drink tescos lemon juice. Has aspartame in it, which can stall some, but hasn't stalled me. IMO, most squashes are not allowed. Lemon juice NAS cordials and robinsons NAS orange juice are both pretty low. Perhaps depends how strong you like it too. I like it quite weak so maybe that's why it hasn't stalled me.
According to the nutrition tracker I use, all tescos no added sugar concentrates are between 0.5 g and 1.5g carbs per 100ml. As I usually get through a litre of squash with my water over a day that would be a minimum of 5g carbs to factor in. I was factoring in 6g with my robinsons orange. Perfectly clear flavored water is what I have now - supposed to only be a trace for the whole 1.5l bottle.

Will have a nose round the next tesco I pass anyway, I think. Thanks :)


A thin person in disguise
I am with RB, I drink loads of perfectly clear. I tried the no added sugar cordials the last time I tried low carbing about 6 years ago but i didn't do it right. I have to be careful with the cordials because I drink so much and like it strong. I will have a look at the varieties and see if I can drink the no added sugar cordials.

Does anyone know where the perfectly clear water is the cheapest/on offer? xx
You guys all have your squash so strong! One of the Tescos double concentrate bottles lasts me about 2 weeks!


A thin person in disguise
I am impressed Michael. I love strong cordial so I dare not drink any of it xx
I'm equally as impressed in you! I even water down fresh orange juice (well, the last time I had it...) because I find it too strong tasting!


A thin person in disguise
well the strong cordial was my downfall when I last tried atkins, but then I didn't know about this forum so hey ho!! I have been reading your food diaries, where do you get your card sense drinks and can you have them on induction?

For some reason today I am ravenous. I think it is to do with my interview tomorrow but I was wondering do you get days when you could eat a protein house? xx
Haha yeah I know what you mean. Some days I'm ravenous. On those days I try to pig out on flax and pork crunch, the kinds of food that seem to expand in my stomach. Plug the hole!

Good luck with your interview. Make sure you have a full stomach!


A thin person in disguise
Ah yes the full stomach always helps. I have had more food than I had planned, but all my food was legal but high fat a calories. I tried to replicate the burgers on man vs food but my burgers went like meatballs and I sprinkled too much cheese on it whoops. At least I shan't be hunger tomorrow. I have my low carb stuff tomorrow such as atkins bars and shales since I am off to London...don't panic I have had my jabs and undergone passport control xx

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