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Squeeze and Stir....gutted!

I just googled these and worked it out that they are 2pp for 100g and the serving size is 70 so that comes to about 1.4 which rounds down to 1. That's for the cream of tomato soup one; not sure if that helps! What info are you putting into the calculator?
Ahhh I see what you mean. I'm putting in the nutritional info per serving from the packet and cream of tomato is coming out at 4?!

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That will teach me to just go on what I read and not just calculate before I buy!! Thanks for your help guys.

P.S Anyone want 10 sachets of soup?!! :)

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Lesson....if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is! xx

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Saint-penfold said:
Oh just realised these could be similar to cup a soups in that the ni for 100g is very different to the ni for the packet made up.. Interesting! Good to know (1pp did seem crazy low!)
I think you're right - the pack is 70g and the NI values for 100g are really low but the values 'per serving are over double. How can that be when you only add water?! I'm confused! x

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i really dont get the tesco values like you say, it states per 100g = 58cals but per serving is like 148?!?! i think they have got it mixed up somewhere, go by your packet and if it states 70g is a serving and gives you 100g for nutritional purposes, just divide the number by 100 to work out 1 cal value then multiply by 70 to get 70cals worth and do the values that way :)

ps: just used the values off the main heinz site which should be right as it's against the law for them to print it on there wrongly, and it works out 2pp per 100g and 1pp per 70g serving :) enjoy x
Ugggg I think I better point it on the 'per serving' values as don't want to be underestimating as I have soup mist days for lunch so that's a potential 15 points a week that I may be overeating if I count it as 1pp.

I won't be buying any more of them! x

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I was just about to buy some u til I read this thread.. Thank god I didn't ...
i have the minestrone one and worked that out at 2pp a serving

76 kcal
pro - 2.0
carb - 12.4
fat - 1.8
fibre - 1.1

mine is 70g and the values for 100g are less then per portion ...... but it is 100g made up!! therefore yes would be less then a portion as its 70g mix + 180g of water ! ..... so 1 portion made up would be more then 100g ! .... it does say on the NI " NI when made up as instructed" !! :)
To be honest, 4pp isn't very many in the grand scheme of things.

To be safe, point them at 4pp and be done with it :p

Also, I'm guessing the typical nutritional values at 100g are what they would be when made up. So with the added water I'm guessing it's approx half a pint of soup there. Which is why the nutrional values have almost tripled.

Go by the serving size, remember that little packet is 'concentrated puree'.
Just gutted that I'd heard so many times they were 1, ha! I'm sticking to ww tomato soup for half the points :)

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