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SQUEEzing into a smaller me!

Hi there! I'm Squee (or Emma, as I'm normally called!)
I thought I'd start a diary, to keep track of what I'm eating, and what effect it is having.
I'm currently 18st 12 and hoping to slim down to 10st and a few pounds.
I've decided to take on a low-carb diet - Atkins, but I am not strictly following it. I like my diet cola too much! I'm maybe having too many cooked vegetables as well. But hopefully it will work anyway!
I started on Wednesday, 16th November. So this is the fourth day on the diet.

So, today:
Breakfast: 2 bacon rashers fried + scrambled eggs (2 eggs)
Lunch: Tuna mayonnaise, lettuce, peppers, one tomato and some cucumber.
Dinner: One fried mackerel and boiled spinach.

So far this diet is great! I love the food (learning to cook as I go!) and I feel stuffed all the time!

I'm just looking forward to Wednesday where I can see whether it works!


So here's to good eatin'
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This is for life
Hi and welcome:). Menu looks good and enjoy the veggies - i now eat more than ever:D
Hi emma, welcome and good luck, I'll be follwing your diary ;)
Forgot to update for a wee while.
Anyway, its the end of my first week, and I've lost 5lbs in total! Which is cool. Bought myself an Atkins cookbook today too, hopefully it'll give me some ideas. I've decided to try to be a bit more strict on the induction thing, so I've started by cutting out tea and milk (I do have soya milk though).
Now I just need to figure out how much a "cup" is.

Anyway, menu for today:

Breakfast: Bacon and scrambled eggs
Lunch: None, woke up late
Dinner: Beef stir-fry with courgettes, green peppers, spring onions and soy & sesame oil.

That sesame oil is great! That was really tasty! I overdid the beef though. Never mind - you see I don't actually know how to cook, this is the first time I've ever really cooked proper food for myself! Usually I stick with sandwiches!
Checking in again....apparently I have managed to lose 3lbs overnight, hmmm.

Still feeling knackered and falling asleep all over the place. I tried the soya milk in my tea...bleurgh! Nasty stuff. It's ok in strong coffee though. I think I'll have to stick to normal milk - I don't drink an awful amount of the stuff though. I used to, actually, I'd have a pint of milk every day plus what I put in tea! Before that I used to have a pint of fruit juice! I love fruit juice :(

Menu for today:
Breakfast: Mushroom & cheese 2-egg omelette
Lunch: None, not hungry
Dinner: 1 Sainsbury's "100% Beef Grillsteak" (1g carb) with a slice of cheese and some broccoli.

Actually the grillsteak was ok but not wonderful, it lives in the freezer so I think I'll keep it for the snow/not being bothered to get out of the house days. I'll buy real meat from the butcher tomorrow, might have another stir fry, only this time I will NOT over-do the meat!
Hello Emma... sorry I've not been on your diary before now but my wifi is playing up and it's the first opportunity I've had to go through all the postings!

Great to have you on here and it looks like you're doing really well! Well done! :)
Hiya Alpaca, thanks for saying hello! Everything seems to be going well, so far. I seem to have discovered I can cook, too, which is an added bonus! I've decided on beef stir-fry one day and chicken stuffed with cheese and mustard the next. Already have my veggies, just got to go to town tomorrow and get my meat!
Hi Emma. Glad you're enjoying the diet and well done on your loss this week. Like the sound of the stuffed chicken. Not bad for someone who says she cant cook! Have a good day. Catch up with you later xx


This is for life
Hi Emma, great to hear you are experimenting and enjoying cooking. I found that atkins enhances my pleasure in both cooking and food:D
What a "diet"!
Hi Emma... sounds like it's going really well! :)
Hi Emma,

Yes I have cooked things in New combinations and thoroughly enjoyed everything. My fav is chicken stuffed with cheese and herbs and wrapped in bacon - served with mushrooms and cooked tomato. My lunch fav is ham egg cups except I use gammon slices. Yum yum.

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Sounds great 4isnotenough!
Thanks to everyone who commented!

Today I had:
Brunch: Egg and chicken mayonnaise with round lettuce leaves (and flax seeds)
Dinner: Chicken stuffed with cheese and chorizo with sugar snap peas.

Both were delicious. I got the flax seeds from Holland and Barrett to, er..keep things regular! I was quite surprised, they don't taste of anything, which is good because I would have a hard time taking the things otherwise. Pleased to report that, yes, they do work, rather well!

I had an appointment with my GP today (I see him every month) so I ran the diet by him, and he said he was quite happy with me doing it so long as I don't overdo the fats and eat vegetables.

Hoping my new exercise bike comes soon!

Oh, and my GP said that if I want to have some mock-noodles, to use sliced red cabbage! (Which probably explains why he was keen on Atkins...he's either done it himself or his wife has or something!)

Not been so tired today either, which is good. Still not craving anything other than fruit either, which is also good.


This is for life
Excellent news that your gp supportive - wish they could be shared around;)

Agree cabbage great - we have cab bol:p. either red or white cabbage, cut in long strips and zapped in microwave with a splash of water to tenderise. Also try cauli rice for having with sauces - no need to miss anything:D

Brunch: Chicken & Egg mayonnaise salad (liked it yesterday)
Dinner: Beef stir fried with a green pepper, beansprouts and spring greens.

It was lovely, but I was a bit surprised at the carb content. I just got a book - The Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible 2011 - and I thought I'd actually use the scales. Turns out my idea of a reasonable amount of each vegetable is around 150 grammes worth so my veg was in the 4g mark (except for the spring greens, at 2.9). And I didn't count the soy sauce!

Turns out I have nothing to worry about, getting too few carbs that is, I've probably been over the limit most of the time! I will have to cut my portion sizes, I think!

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