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Squidgy Chocolate Cake

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Sounds and looks VERY good! Can't wait to try this weekend!
In the oven now - will let you know how it turns out! I only used 1oz of Splenda as it seemed like far too much using 2oz! We'll see whether I end up with a 'sour' cake! Eek!
Ooh this looks lovely! I might make this today :drool: x
Made this yesterday...added some chocolate extract aswell, but I didn't really like the taste...think with me & chocolate cake only the real thing will do!

But thanks for the recipe, it was worth a try.


is getting better at it
im not one for baking but how come this turns out like a cake and not a quiche like thing as its only eggs and no flour?
i expect i am being really thick here but can some one tell me please
im still going to make it tho
Mine didn't get that thick lol! But still going to eat it as it is quite nice as a chocolate fix. Thanks for the recipe xx


Lover of Extra Easy
Mine rose beautifully, and it's absolutely amazing. So chocolatey and absolutely yummy. So much nicer than some "real" chocolate cakes I have tasted.
Thank you so much.
I'll be making more to take to the SW party.
gonna have to give this one a go....but everytime i make something sweet with eggs in it it just tastes sooo...well eggy...if u know what i mean lol like the sw pancakes some people love them but for me it was a sweet omelette and couldnt get used to the taste:confused:

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