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squidgy skin!!

Just was reassurance that its not just me!! My skin has gone really weird - like its one of those squidgy stress bags!! Quite odd! Anyone had the same? Even my ower arms look like they've been thouh a wind tunnel at times! Good news is that my ring is too big and had to chuck a pair of shoes cos they were literally falling off!!:)
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Yep my skin has gone strange too - in fact I think my belly looks worse now than it did when it was bigger - it's gone all wrinkly and strange ..... oh well I suppose it can only get better (I hope).

Well done on the ring and shoes being too big --- that's a good sign, if expensive!

That was the thing I noticed after week one. i couldn't see less of me but the weight loss made my fatty bits more squidgy. I thought of it a bit like a balloon that has lost some air and you can squeeze it.
That has continued and now, after 4 weeks, my fatty areas are very soft. I hope that means it's easier for the fat to dissolve!

I am a bit worried about loose skin because I have a lot to lose - almost 10 stone - and I've been carrying this around for more than 10 years so the skin is very stretched. I booked into a series of Clarins body pro-active treatments which are a full body massage with firming products. You buy 5 and get a 6th one free plus they give you a loyalty card which, with the money in spent on the 5, gave me 70 mins worth of treatments - so that was almost another one. When I bought the products to use at home I had enough for the 7th treatments. I'm having one a month plus exercising at the gym.
Fingers crossed, eh?


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
My arms are starting to go back to normal, but my lower tummy looks a bit like a Sharpei dog's face! My boobs are a bit crepey, but I find that Palmer's firming stuff does the job if I want them to look smooth if I'm going out and a want a young woman's clevage. I've lost nearly 5stone and have another 3-4 to go and I've carried the 5 stone I've just lost for 9 years...I accept that I may not be the firmest bunny on the beach this summer, but at least I won't be the biggest bunny! I'm also having Universal contour wraps which have really improved the quality of my skin. Slathering myself in Superdug Vit E cream after a bath also does wonders for my skin texture - if only temporarily!


has started again!!
Sounds interesting. I have been wondering about some sort of treatment as I have 10 stone to lose too. So far just over 3 1/2 gone, and I am worried about my wobbly bits. Pretty certain will go for a tummy tuck at the end, but my arms, thighs and bum.....Not quite sure what to do there!

Maybe a full body transplant!! LOL

Keep using the firming creams....


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Also lol at the wind-tunnel arms! That's exactly how I feel about mine - yoga seems to be helping an awful lot though!
S: 14st6lb C: 14st6lb G: 9st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I must say my skin looks a bit horrid in places my stretch marks look loadsworse, hoping copius amounts of bio oil and getting a nice tan on hols wll make it look a bit better though!

Aw well rather this than being as big as I was.


a bit different everyday
hey all, well i have lost 5 stones and have about 9 more to go, In clothes i look much better, but naked OMG its hideous , all squidgy and flabby , not particularly hanging but certainly minging:eek:
can sort of squish and twist the flab into shapes and it almost stays there, its like silly putty, hoping it will get better:rolleyes:


has started again!!
can sort of squish and twist the flab into shapes and it almost stays there, its like silly putty, hoping it will get better:rolleyes:

I am so sorry, but this did make me laugh!!:rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:

I so know this feeling too, but hadnt been able to describe it so accurately!!
hehe! My thighs are quite hideous! Just like an apron & really hope they go back a bit as wearing a coss will be a mare - would have to get one of those skirt ones & make it g to my knees..to meet with my boobs which are about there!! Trying to be good & use body lotion but its a faff isnt it & I'm hopeless in the morning!! But as JG said woud much rather be slim!
ISOM - You commented it was quite expensive. I guess that's relative. I'm spending £66 a week on the foodpacks. The treatments I chose are £53 each so 5 of them was £265 but I got the 6th free plus 70 mins worth on the loyalty card. I don't think that's too bad for 7 months of treatments AND it went on the credit card!

The stuff to use at home was relatively expensive. 3 products cost just over £100 BUT I'm off to HK, NZ, US in a couple of weeks and I am planning to buy replacements duty free. I also think other products are just as good but I made the decision to go woth what was recommended to get the best possible results. However, one of them is an exfoliator and I have other exfoliators already so I won't both buying that one again.

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