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SS+ 200 cal meals - any ideas?


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi folks - 2 weeks on SS+ and looking for good ideas for tasty 200 calorie meals. Okay - not many calories to play with, but white fish, chicken, spinach, pakchoi and mushrooms will very soon be testing my low boredom threshold!! Help anyone??:wave_cry:
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i have made a chunky chicken soup, made with 120g chicken and stock or CD sav veg.

quorn in beef stock, with cooked cabbage.

lazy most of the time and have chicken and red cabbage.

good luck!


Enjoyin' my journey....
Hi - I doubt we can have red cabbage 'cos of the acid. I spent my first week liberally dousing my fish in lemon juice, until my CDC said citric acid was off limits!! Would be good if we could though! Tx


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Yes, you can have pickled red cabbage :)

I tended to keep my meal very plain rather than dinner trying to emulate dinner at the Fat Pig cooked by Heston Blumenthal :D

Just like Laura Croft really. Considered it a supplement, and extra cambridge meal, rather than a 'real' meal


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I've made a mean thai soup (used to be my favourite thai noodle soup!), but I'm not sure what spices are allowed- it basically consists of stock (bouillon or CD sav water flavouring), garlic, ginger, chilli, coriander leaf, lime leaves, lemon grass (I'm not sure about these, would normally use limes, I did post but noone replied, - had it anyway) boiled together for about 30 minutes to make a stock. Then I add either tofu (marinaded in garlic and reduced salt soy) or some chicken, with a bit of chopped mushroom and pak choi.

Gives the nice savoury fix I've been craving. However, I still don't know whether I'm supposed to be allowed some of these ingredients- I have used them and stayed in ketosis, but I guess that depends on your body.

I've also added a few bits to CD chilli soup mix- like chicken, coriander etc- makes it similar to a thai curry :D x


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My God. My food on SS+ is so basic!! Your Thia soup sounds delish! I just have salad - well mainly lettuce, cucumber and radish - with either cottage cheese, chicken or tuna, and a very low fat dressing.

And you know, it's suiting me to the ground - i so look forward to it!!

I should be more adventurous I suppose... I've never been a "great" cook - I cook - but I haven't got that much confidence. Must try harder!

I do a really nice fish bake, I cook cauliflower and brocolli in the veg boullion and cook some haddock in the oven then I put it all together in a little bowel and top with cottage cheese and grill until brown. I do half the amount of fish we are alowed and half cottage cheese. I also season the fish before baking with herbs and black pepper. When the veg is strained from the veg Boullion I have this as a clear soup as well. You can use chicken or quorn mince instead of fish too. The quorn mince makes it kind of like a mock shepherds pie.
Like LV30 i used to just do the salad with ither tuna or chicken or chicken with balsamic vineger marinated then stir friens and served with cauli mash. Now i'm on 1000 and the meals seem huge with so much choice


Enjoyin' my journey....
Thanks all, some good hints and tips. Much as I try I cannot think of my meal as another CD as the whole reason for SS+ was to have a break from the CD meals!

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