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SS+ additions


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Hot off the press for SS+ :)

120 g Chicken or turkey (skinless)
190 g Cod haddock or white fish
250 g Tofu
200 g Quorn
180 g Tinned tuna (in water)
125 g Prawns
225 g low fat cottage cheese
2 medium eggs

TWO (15 ML) tablespoons of any cooked or raw veg from the list
Cabbage (even pickled)
Pac choi
Red radishes
Turnip tops (leafy part)
Chinese leafy greens
Green salad leaves

Or as before
200ml skimmed milk
4 cambridge products regardless of height or gender.

The is new info. Please be patient if your consultant hasn't got the books ready yet :)
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Can you mix and match the protein portion? Eg could I have 1 egg (so half the portion) plus 30g chicken (quarter portion) and 55g cottage cheese (quarter portion) all at the same time?
I just wondered if anyone had any ideas about using quorn for SS+ meal
I've searched the forums but i'm still looking for more ideas.
I had some quorn today for the first time but I found it a bit plain. What allowed foods do people add to their quorn??
Also what types are allowed? Mince is ok? any others??
quorn... cook it with some spices or some balsamic vinegar. or have it in a stir fry.


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Can we mix be between ss and ss+ in same week.
During week I need milk and in weekend I need dinner as I stay late.my CDC recommended to stay in one type but I am not convinced?


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Layano I was just about to ask the same thing I'm on SS at the moment but at the weekends SS+ would suit me better!
I would be very wary of using your milk allowance on SS+ for a Starbucks skinny latte as there's no way of knowing exactly how much milk they use.

All I can suggest is that you might give it a try (on the 'tall' version only) for a week and see if it affects your losses. It's also worth discussing with your Consultant too to see what he/she thinks :)
Hi, just wondering if anyone drinks coke zero on ss? I have seen various CDC and some say it's ok and some say no. Thanks x
I drink Coke Zero. It has no mire effect that Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. Just be aware there's a fair bit more caffeine in Zero and Pepsi Max. This can really effect some peoples heart rate so take it easy until you know what it does to you. X


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Didn't realise you could drink coke zero on ss? Also I take it since you are allowed pickled cabbage on ss+ that you are allowed some form of vinegar?


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So no baked salmon then???


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Didn't realise you could drink coke zero on ss? Also I take it since you are allowed pickled cabbage on ss+ that you are allowed some form of vinegar?
I had balsamic vinegar every day on SS+
So I can have coke zero?? For sure? But not diet coke. And it won't effect my diet. It would be lovely to have the odd glass here and their to break the cycle of constant fizzy water.

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Hi all,

I have read somewhere that the vegetable allowance has been recently increased from 30g to 80g (for SS+). Does anyone know if that's the case? I am starting SS/SS+ on 2nd of Jan 2012 so trying to gather as much info as possible beforehand.



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Yeah, I'm starting tomorrow aswell, but on step 2. However, I've just went to get my book and it says 80g on SS+ for the veg.

Good luck! I'm excited for starting! :)
I've restarted today after 2 days off for NYE so we will be on the same base Clairecat :)


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Hi im doing SS+ and my.veg allowence is 80g in.the book i was given.by cdc

starting weight 13,10; total loss; 10lbs

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