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SS Day4 - BBQ -.... :-(


Needs to stop eating!!
Its totally up to you. I am on day 10 and have had those moments....and have so far overcome them. My motto is that I want to be slim more than I want to eat. Also if you eat a little bit of chicken, you might aswell have some burger and chips seeing as you have already had the chicken...you can start over again tomorrow right? Oh but since you have eaten today might aswell eat tomorrow and start again on Monday? It doesnt seem worth it to me. With me its all or nothing...how is your mindset? Do you think you can really just have a teensy bit of chicken? Wouldnt you want more? Good luck with whatever you decide :)
im confuzzled in your stats it says your bmi is under 25, so you shouldnt be on ss?


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Your BMI is showing as under 25 - I thought you couldn't do SS or SS+ once your BMI is 25 or under. So would think that you would be on the 810 plan anyhow which would allow you chicken. Might be worth checking with your CDC
snap wales :p
Im doing ss+ where i can have a 200 cal meal a day somedays its been abit more...only on chicken/veg...im now on day 6 i was weighed on day 5 due to my cd going away in that 4 days i lost 7lb ...i dont think abit of chicken would do you any harm but not sure off a bbq ..and if you could stop from just having abit..i see many people on here have to have all or nothing otherwise they cant do it..where as i can manage to eat my 200 cal meal plus my shakes a day it dont bother me.
i know about my bmi (but i have been updating daily) and its only just fallen under 25, and i am only on day 4 (i totally get what you are saying!) should i move onto something else already (ie SS+/810) as what i have lost already is only glycogen/water (i always expect to put on the same at the end that i lost in the first week)
i think i will do ss+ from now on (is it 200g of Quorn?)

although looking at your posts - maybe i should be on 810! argh!
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810 is a brilliant plan. You'll love it. Don't think you can ss or ss plus with your bmi as it's dagerous. Call your cdc ask ask her. Good luck xx


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Hun - I suggest you speak with your CDC - taken from the cambridge diet website it says... Sole Source and Sole Source Plus can be used for rapid weight loss by people with a BMI of 25 plus one stone.

Are you able to speak to them today? If not then I would say no worries about having chicken at the BBQ - have you got your yellow booklet that tells you about all the different stages? That will tell you the amounts of food you can have, you could have salad as well. If not the Cambridge website has been updated and is easier to get the info on there under The Diet.

Enjoy the BBQ whatever you choose to do!
ok - i nipped down to sainsburys (or tescos not sure which) and got some chicken style quorn, and some mushrooms.... i ate the mushrooms out of the packet! (crunchy) and the quorn threaded on sticks on the bbq hoping for the smokey taste.... no... just dried them out really!

but am now 810'ing!
Good luck with that honey if you move up the stages you shouldnt get a regain weight I know I havent and am now on 1500cal xxx

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