SS has changed my sleep pattern

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  1. Angelchops

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    I used to go to bed very late, toss and turn and then be up early, although i'd be sleepy all day, but now I am ready for bed by eleven, sleep deeply, and have to press the snooze button on my alarm clock a few times before I get up, but I am full of energy all day. Its fantastic.

    Has anyone else noticed any extra benefits from SSing?
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  3. Ruthlet

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    Like you I found, once into ketosis ;), I found sleep much more fulfilling. I found I was able to fall asleep more easily when tired, slept more deeply and because of this needed less sleep than before. I also used to suffer with a "I need a nap" feeling in the afternoon and on the evenings or weekends would often go for a kip for a couple of hours - I have not done this once since being on cd.

    I have also found that my skin, hair and nails are all in much better condition since being on CD - I attribute this to a combination of the complete nutrition provided by CD, all the lovely :tear_drop::tear_drop: I drink and the weight loss I have experienced.
  4. Karen

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    ive heard quite a few people saying CD really helps with their sleep in a similar thread quite a while ago but others find they used to sleep well and no longer do. luckly u got it in ur favour lol. xxx
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    When I do sleep, it is deep and I'm no longer plagued by leg cramps. It's just the length of sleep I miss out on! Daughter is 22 months and is going through a rough time of sleeping at night - it's very tiring!

    My skin has definitely benefitted from SS - I don't have any spots again!!!
  6. chicken on a mission

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    LighterLife then CD
    I agree with all the others.

    I would also add that although my periods are more tightly packed together I don't get the awful cramps and cravings I have been used to.

    I do think that a lot of these beneficial side affects are due to the fact that we are all now getting ALL the vits and mins we need even though we don't get the calories.

    It makes me wonder what vits and mins I was lacking pre-ssing so that I can rectify this when I return to eating conventional food again.

    I wondered this when I lost the weight first time around too but I didn't do anything about it :rolleyes:
  7. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    me too chicken, i vowed to take extra supplements to keep my hair and nails in great condition and never did, but the vitamin thing is such a minefeild as you can really do your body harmif you take too much of certain ones,

    my sleep is much better while i am on cd, i sleep very well, and dont want to get up, but i dont want to get up anyway lol

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