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SS + Help please


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Hiya everyone, I have been puting this off since new year!! Definately starting Monday.


There you go i have said it now. I joined weight watchers last saturday and didn't even do a day counting points, just can't be arsed! I have tried VLCD before loads of times, quite embaressing really my diet history. But never the less this is my last time.

I go from one thing to the next all of the time, slimming tablets, diets with food without food mad really! It is driving me crazy! I need to just get my head down and get on with it. I want to loose anything between 5 - 7 stone! I know cambridge is quick and you have no food choices or temptations.

I think I have sold it to myself lol x

Anyway, I am sure I wil be on loads once I start fr moral support, so please, please join me and help me on my journey.

x x xx
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Good luck... it is a great diet, just keep with it, there are no half measures. Just get yourself through the first week and the results will speak for themselves and you will just keep on going.


Perseverance is key
Best of luck hun :) xx


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good luck, stay focused, you can do it


please try again
hey there, good luck with starting on monday, just keep yourself distracted and you will be fine


cos i need this xxx
hiya mrs im starting today :) feel the exact same re being addicted to food and hating calory counting!!!!
have had my first shake - butterscotch, i was a bit unsure of the flavour but i think id get used to it - cos its a shake u expect it to taste creamy but cos its made with water its not really - but the flavour is quite good and it has a nice thick milkshakey texture!!!
am really hoping i get a good 1st week loss!!!
good luck and come check my diary and chat etc!!



Size 14 here i come!
Hi and welcome, good luck with it i love the choices of flavours and bars,porridges, etc, hope it'sthe same for you!


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Well done on choosing to give it a go - stick with it and you'll do great ;)


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Good luck - I have had a hard time since xmas too but had 5 perfect days last week - Had a planned meal off on Saturday night then all went to hell on today so back to the straight and narrow tomorrow.
Come on we can do it together and show good losses for the next month!


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Re-starting wednesday! When I counted up my shakes I only have enough to start wednesday and see counsellor next monday, tetras were out of date!! So I am starting wednesday, can't wait to get back in control!


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Its a great feeling being in control AT LAST!!! Good luck today to them who are starting. Pm me if you need someone to talk to. hehe the weight will drop off on this diet <3 xxx


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Hey there! Good luck with the weight loss.


running strictly on fat!
Good luck with your journey hun - CD does work its magic for all of us xxx


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Wow!! Thanks for all the support. Raring to go tomorrow! Sick of eating and feeling bloated and yuch! Will be a shock to my system tomorrow but intend on keeping busy, i do loads more at work when I am SS.

What I was going to ask is does anyone have any ideas for any good books to read along with sole source cambridge. Something to keep me going with encouragement and the emotional side of cambridge and diets in general. Any advice will be appreciated. Something with a bit of humour would be good. Any advice please!

Speak soon x x


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My first day today after a long break....good luck - the beginning is definitely the hardest - so just be strong and it will really get easier! I'm really looking forward to that feeling of being under control once you really get into ketosis. Struggling onwards through the first week x


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well here goes. Hope I make it through the day and don't decide to 'start tomorrow' like I normally do. We have a family meal planned for M-in-Laws 70th on saturday, typical. I am planning on having a plain chicken breast and green veg. Not gonna beat myself up about it, hopefully will post good news later on!!!


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Guess what!! Never did it! I WILL do it one day soon and get this weight off. I just find it so difficult to do the diet but I know it works. I have failed at that many conventional diets I feel lke cambridge is my last chance before surgery which I don't want. I always seem to have something planned to stop me getting going. I know it's only excuses and I need to get over this. I will go for the meal on saturday and then plan to be back 100% SS by Monday/Tuesday. I need some support here any ideas anyone! Apart from sewing my mouth up.

I have loads of reasons for loosing the weight and think I need to write them down and remind myself every day of why I am doing it.

Anyway I'll be on soon and please give me any advice you have that may help me.

Thanks xx x