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SS+ how do you have yours?


Slowly but surely x
id be tempted to slice my quorn into thin pieces, dip them in beaten eggs and dry fry them. I must try quorn again but it used to wreak havoc with my tummy


Slowly but surely x
lol - im such a donut!
you could make a 1 egg omlette with qourn and green peppers too x
I just made scrambled egg with 1 egg, one eggwhite with a small amount of choipped mushrooms and a tiny bit of milk. Is it wrong to mix it up this much?
I used to have mushroom and pepper omlette when I did SS+ and 810 .. yum :)

I hate quorn so cant comment on that !! are you veggie ? as my most fave thing was stuffed mushroom :) I mixed half my tuna allowance with half my cottage cheese , mixed in some pakrica , and stuffed 2 medium flat mushrooms ( then if you grate the mushroom stalk and sprinkle on top you get crunchy bits :) then bake , was yummy with some balsamic vinegar :) if you veggie you could just use cottage cheese


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wow you guys are full of great ideas!

i have done ss+ from the begining so 6 months first time and on month 2 of restart.... i thought we couldnt have eggs on ss+ somebody pleeeeeeeeeeease tell me i am wrong.... and mushrooms!!

cottage cheese eeewww its just that awfull texture!!! does it change at all if you cook it or do something with it.

please gimme some good news lol my 'meal' is either tuna with vinegar and cucumber and lettice or chicken with the same salad or coliflour and brocoli that is literally it.

you know how some people build up an intollerence to the packs and feel physically sick at the meer thought.... im like that with the 'meal' i mean i can see why as its so repetative but its making me skip it all together n kinda pushing me backward to ss.

anyway il stop haring on now. soz for hijacking the entire thread
I have had grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli and cabbage for my evening meal so far. Will get bored of it soon but I dunno what else to make!
I keep thinking i'm having too much food for SS+ though. My CDC said to have my protein on the plate and fill the rest up with veg and it won't make much difference in weight loss cos it's only a bit of veg but I'm scared of not losing any weight :(
Sorry for the long post!
Will get bored of it soon but I dunno what else to make!
of veg but I'm scared of not losing any QUOTE]

Have you checked out the 810 recipe ideas thread in the "stickies" part of the forum?
eggs!!! really?? omg omg how these silly thing rock my world.... how many? can you have an egg every day!?

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