SS or 790?


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I have just arranged a meeting with new CDC for next week - she seems lovely so can't wait! Counsellor suggested maybe starting with 790 for a week or so and TBH had not even thought about this previously.

Has anyone out there done this and what are the losses like?
Losses on 790 are very similar to SS as far as i understand. It is definately wise to cut down on carbs beofre ssing and the 790 plan is a good way to do this.
I lost 6lbs the week i cut down my carbs. I had 3 packs a day and a meal of veg and protein.
I then lost another 6lbs the week I SS'd.

HTH. :)
Thanks Helen, good to know someone else has done this and then gone on to SS. Your ticker is impressive, do you mind me asking how long it's taken so far?
Hi Natpot,

I did not do this the first time and therefore had withdrawals which are not nice.

But I lost the plot in the middle of my journey and in order to get back to SSing as I was falling off the wagon all the time...I worked the steps and cut down on carbs and the difference was unbelievable.

So much easier and I was in ketosis in 24 hours, so if you can it is much more pleasant way to begin by cutting down on carbs and upping your water intake gradually.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini, I gues was a bit reluctant at first mention because I thought losses would be slower but nothing is slower than doing nothing is it? lol. Your comment makes me think this is the way to go as I stopped on day 5 recently because I felt so ill. The new CDC has also given me info on upping water and cutting carbs before starting which I didn't get before so shall do that this weekend. I admire you for carrying on even when the going got tough, proof that you will finish this journey successfully.

Congrats on your loss so far btw 86lbs is amazing!