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SS or SS+???



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Purely from my own perspective if it was me I would do SS, removing food completely made me think of it differently and I am an all or nothing kind of person, I just know I would cheat if I could have food :eek:

Either way I hope you find a plan that works for you. Probably an idea to talk to your CDC about it.
Good luck.
well she asked me what i would prefer and personally i am the same as you so i said i wanted to do ss and see how i go. i just wondered if i decided to do ss+ what the losses are?
There is no difference. Some weeks I do a few days SS and a few days SS+ depending on how I feel and what I am up to. Sometimes I get on a downer through lack of energy so I ss+ it instead and that really helps. But I tend to just do the meat not veg (as I can't stick to 3 spoons of veg) or I have an extra sachet.

Limit yourself to one bar a day as they have more carbs. I've heard the same about the porridge but not 100% sure on that.


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Hi, my CDC told me that there isnt really any difference between SS & SS+ its just down to preference. I did SS for the first week but found it made me too lightheaded and dizzy so i moved up to SS+ and I feel ok now.

Even if you do a few days of SS and find its not for you its easy enough to jump up a step.

Good luck with whatever you decide. :)

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I think it is preferance (SP???) as people have said, I do SS as like the 'no food at all' option, but last week I've been doing SS+ as I'm on tablets from the doc and I needed a little more ... and I lost 4lb last week!

See which is best for you, but don't be worried about changing, you need to make sure Cambridge works the best for you.

you could try for SS, and if you feel you need to eat one day then have some chicken or something and thats SS+ ..that way you have a safety net KWIM. Thats what I do anyway.

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