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ss+ question


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I am ss'ing at the moment but hanging on with the skin of my teeth this week. Hope i'm pre-menstrual but they are up the wall since starting this!
My fall back plan if I can't cope is to have a ss+ day, and add a 200cal meal.
My question is - why can't you have ham like you can have chicken or fish. I can buy nice large slices of ham at 50cals a slice, and there seems to be no hidden carbs from what the packet says. I like a ham salade!! lol and having one of these in the bag for emergencies.........
ta in advance
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Ham has more carbs and fats in it, The diet was designed with specific foods for optimum results. The white proteins on the list are pure proteins with little fats and carbs in,. Once you start deviating from the list you can run into problems with losses, i.e your losses slowing down or even stopping completely. I know that sounds a bit mad for a smallpiece of meat and so few calories, but I have seen people stop losing weight for eating a piece of chewing gum.
Best advice is to stick to the book :)


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oooooooooooo ok. May be gritting my teeth and trying to stick to the ss alone. Hope this all gets a bit easier in the next few weeks!! Its a tough diet huh, this is the best I've ever done at sticking to it 100%. Must not spoil it now (I know, that was more a note to self!) sorry.
Thanks for the advice.
My friend on SS+ is having prawns? I love prawns but I'm sure they're not ok.....anyone???


Gone fishing
Ham also tends to be very salty & so could cause water retention.
Yes, that's another reason.

Also, though ham can be virtually no carbs and similar fat to chicken breast, they often add a lot of sugar before selling which ups the carb count. It's so variable, whereas chicken breast is a lot more constant.

Having said that, if you buy chicken breast from the supermarket, it's worth checking the labels for additives, and also checking the carbs. I've been gobsmacked in the past to see that chicken breast isn't always just chicken breast!:eek:

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