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SS to atkins can it work?

I'm useless at doing CD when it comes to adding food.. at the moment I'm SSing (day5) and would be grateful to last until next week. I'm definitely losing though as I've still been going to gym and can feel it on clothes so that's keeping me going. I have been reading a lot about atkins and critical carb levels and wanted to switch to that prob end of next week but I'm a little worried as my ketostix show zero ketosis (even today) so I don't even know how I'd measure it? Has anyone else gone from SS to atkins/low carb (not necessarily induction as I need to drink at some point in 3 weeks!) and succeeded? I seem to pile all the hard lost SS weight back on just by smelling food but have also realised it's carbs that put my appetite into overdrive...I'd be grateful to hear about other experiences .. as it took me a year to get back to doing SS and I really really don't want to have to go through this again :(
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i went from cd to a diet called go lower - it's low carb high protein so like atkins - i stayed the same for 10 days then the weight started to come off
Thanks for letting me know - going to look into it right now! Did you go straight from SS? I've lost around 6lbs this week now on SS and have about 8 more to go but really can't SS for more than another week as there are a few parties I'm going to so I don't mind slower loss .. just scared of putting all back on very quickly again when I start eating and drinking :-/
Yes straight from one to the other - one day shakes next day 3 meals a day - go lower is a plan where they deliver the food to you so may not be great for you if there are lots of parties but they do give you eating out tips (basically choose the protein and salad not the carbs) if you are eating out rather than their food. You can get a 28 day box (it's not cheap about £250) off their website. the food is lovely and really easy to prepare and you're allowed to drink on it - either a clear spirit - gin/vodka or red wine.

One word of warning though I went out and drank A LOT and put on weight so since then i have given up alcohol.

I did go lower for about 3 weeks and now I alternate between that and CD depending on my weeks plans and the weight is still coming off

Good luck
i'm sure neither diet would be happy with me for that but it's working for me ;-)
Wow - you're doing great and I admire your no-alcohol policy and totally agree it definitely contributes to me piling on the lbs too but I can't resist :-/ I've been doing great on SS so far I don't count 4lbs I lose or add as I know this is how much my weight can fluctuate from morning to night. Think I only went into ketosis properly over weekend and weight loss has definitely slowed since then but it looks like I've dropped 8lbs since last Monday and my clothes feel so much better! Go Lower looks really pricey (I had a look at site) and I enjoy cooking so I'm simply going to try and discipline myself and stick to as many low carb options as possible. Think I'll be doing shakes/CD on days in between when I can too. Good luck reaching your target by xmas I'm sure you'll make it as you seem very committed. My problem is going to be maintenance .. the control/discipline seems to creep away from me over time so I'll need to try and stay focused! Hope to be around to see you reach your goal and possibly swap maintenance tips ;)


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SS is sole source. It is the total meal replacement Cambridge Diet. You replace all your food with 3 nutritionally balances shakes/soups/bars a day.

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