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SS trouble!

S: 14st8lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I wondered if anyone could give me some advice please. I started SS 4 days ago, and have found not eating so unbearable. The second day i had such a bad migraine that i had to go to bed. I have been having 4 shakes and more than 2 ltrs of water a day.
Today i think i went into ketosis as i weed on the stick and it was light pink!!
But... the hunger pains were so bad this evening i cracked and ate a small piece of jacket potato with tuna and pepper! Have i blown it??? Or do you suggest i try SS+ in stead? I cook for my family in the evening which i miss sitting down to eat with them, maybe a 200kcal meal would do it?
I dont mind not eating in the day.
I want to do this so badly, i only have 3 stone to loose, but im so weak!!
Hope you can give me some good advice, you all seem to know your stuff!
Emma :(
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I don't think you have blown it. Don't give up. You have just had a blip. Happens to most people. I would think SS+ would suit you if you like to sit down with your family to eat. Ask your CDC next time you see them.
Good luck with the decision you make xxx


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gets easier

the first few days for me was a nightmare...... after that got easier and easier


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Maybe try and give SS a few more days to let ketosis really Kick in. Most (but not all) people that i have read about on this forum find they don't suffer with unmanageable hunger once well into the diet...in fact very little hunger. It would be a shame if you were nearly into this phase and then backed off. However it can vary so ask your CDC. I can cook for and be around people who are eating and it does not bother me....believe me that's miracle!!!!


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I did SS for the first week and found it incredibly hard and just wanted to chew something. I spoke to my CDC about how unhappy it was making me and she suggested that I changed to SS+. I haven't looked back since and my weight losses don't seem to be affected in anyway. As Imagisal says have a good chat with your CDC - that's what they're there for! Good luck and don't give up, the results are so worth persevering for.


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i know its hard, but after that first weigh in, you will feel more motivated than ever to stick with it!
I do a lot of cooking now and dont touch any of it! I know what is more important to me now, but that doesnt mean that SS is for everyone. Can you give it until weigh day and then see how you feel?
If you need to "cheat" then i would advise staying away from anything with carbs...so try some chicken or cucumber.....but if i ever put anything in my mouth now, i spit it out through guilt! lol.
Hope you find a plan that works as i know CD certainly does! :)
S: 14st8lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
To LizzMB, I feel a bit more positive today and felt terribly guilty last night for letting myself down! So i am going to try and stick with it till thurs, which is my first weigh in. I have to say that my clothes dont feel as tight already so that has given me some motivation today!!
But i spoke to my husband last night and he made me realise that im not a faliure if i do have to do ss+ It doesn't matter if the weight takes longer to come off as long as it does, which it will!! lol.
Bless him!
Anyway, thankyou all again for the advice, i am going for a swim today so wont be thinking too much about food!
Take care every one and keep up the good work!


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