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SS when poorly


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First week of my restart after meeting my lovely counsellor and I've spent the last three days in bed with fluey lurg! :cry: Only just feel alive enough to sit on the sofa and try and rejoin society - was I right to stop SS whilst ill? I've been mainly having soup anyway and things like dippy eggs (real poorly comfort food). Should I have carried on with SS or would it have been unsafe? Am curious.... xx
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I personally think you did the right thing, ss is tough enough without starting when ill. Good luck for you when you feel better and start :)


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Yep, I agree. Doing SS is tough enough in the first week when you are healthy, let alone when you are feeling under the weather. Just re-start when you feel better. :)


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I wouldn't start SS if I was ill, I agree with the others, wait till you are better.
I hope you feel better soon x
What is a dippy egg by the way?? :confused:
is it a boiled egg?
I probably would have stayed on SS (crazy i know) BUT, surley there would be more vitamins & minerals in say 3 packs a day than soup and dippy egg to help recovery?
Also, i would not like the fear of feeling poorly for a few days...getting better....starting SS...then going into ketois with the dreaded side effects again. I would get it over and done with and strive through it. Only my opinion and CDC's may totally disagree.
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I had a cold whilst on Lighterlife - it was a horrendous cold and I was sooo ill - I actually came off Lighterlife for nearly 3 weeks while I had it as I just couldn't face the packs. All I ate for 3 weeks was white rolls and darylea :)
It was the only thing I could stomach. Weird thing is that I don't even like white rolls with darylea and stopped eating them the moment I was better and have never eaten one since. But I'm glad I had them as when your ill sometimes the last thing you need its to be worrying about a diet.

I just had my 2nd week of Cambridge and I've had a cold all week, but not a very bad one, so I've stayed on plan. I think you just need to judge how you feel.

Hope you're feeling better x
I've just spent two weeks in bed with a chest infection and my CDC told me to come off SS and do a minimum of 810. It seemed to help and once I started to eat something proper I started to feel better! Back to it now though!
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If you'd already been on the programme for a few weeks stepping up to 810 or something would have been best but as you were only just starting I think you were right to try and get better before you start. Your body needs food and proper energy to recover and you would have found yourself flagging way too much I bet.
As soon as you're feeling up to it, hop back on the diet wagon and join us. Good luck and get well soon xxxxxxx

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