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Hello all!

Hope everyone is enjoying their almost-Friday!

Just a quick one to see if anyone out there is doing ss+?

I know there are loads of threads about it but just wanted to see what everyones personal experience with this is? I did a mix of ss and ss+ last week and lost 6lbs my first week, but am finding much easier so have stuck to ss+ for this whole week but am a bit nervous that my losses will be loads less than ss itself.

Any information would be appreciated from you lovely lot!

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Hi NN,

I am doing SS+. My losses have been about the same as they were on SS. I am not losing very fast (about 2 pounds per week), but I have done a VLCD in the past (LL) and that lowers your leptim levels and makes it harder to lose the next time (and easier to regain). Plus. I am over 40, at a bmi of 26.3 and small framed.

I think if it makes the diet easier to follow then it is definately better to do SS+ and stick to your programme, than SS and struggle. Also, I feel fine to exercise (3X a week) on SS+, but I think it would be difficult (and not advised) on SS.



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Hey!! Im doing SS+ (on and off) when i feel like it and my losses have been pretty good, 2 stone in 6 weeks :)


S: 12st11lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 1st1lb(8.38%)
I'm doing SS+, usually having my 3 food packs plus an egg, a couple of asparagus tips and a little low-fat cottage cheese most days. Losses have been pretty consistent with SS.