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It's my second day on SS+. I was on SS but am starting to move up the plans now. I have to say - I was really nervous about moving up the plans but OMG I love SS+. I much prefer it to SS and wish I had done this right from the beginning!!

It's fab :)
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i know this has been asked countless times before, but is there a significant difference weight loss wise with ss+??

im doing sole source at the min and im not missing food YET!!! i intend to continue for as long as i can but previously i get to a certain point and want food so much i just cave in and invariably fall horrendously off the wagon taking me weeks to get back in the zone. im thinking this would be the point where i could go on SS+
but at the same time i want to lose a lot of weight as quick as poss.. and if there is a big difference between SS and SS+ then i may just hve to grit my teeth and get thru! this is why i havent gone straight onto the SS+ option from the off

any thoughts would be much appreciated!
I haven't done SS+ ... but I've heard in terms of weight loss there isn't much difference.
I'm going to try and stick at SS as long as possible though, it will be nice to have something to move upto when I need it and remain in ketosis :D


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I sometimes think about ss+ but I know that my thoughts, at least for the moment, would run along the lines of how much chocolate could I have for 200 calories? :rolleyes:
I think I have read on here that with SS you can expect to loose 14lbs a month and with SS+ you can expect to loose 12lbs a month.
I actually seemed to lose more the weeks i did ss+ - my body must've needed it - I ssed for 5 days and then ss+ for the other two - not strictly legal but worked for me - look at my losses and I was only bm1 28 when I started x
i love ss+ and lose well on it. back to ss this week cos i just need to srt myself out and any food at the moment would make me just go over the top. want to get back to ss+ soon though.
I have been doing SS+ from the start, only lasted 3 days SS-ing. I lost 7lbs in my first week, and then between 1-4lbs each week. I've had the odd sts week but generally I lose 3lbs a week.
Have been ss'ing for 5 days and feeling quite miserable - today I just had to chew something so had some tuna. Have just read up about ss+ and will start this properly tomorrow. Hope this will make me feel better.

I am glad I read this thread - it has cemented my decision.

I do SS+ and finding it so much better than SS (did LL before). It's lovely to chew something and means its possible to have some food with other people. I have the meal in the evening and it is great to look forward to.
I've been on ss+ since i started 5 weeks ago and have lost 30lbs so i'm really happy with it. My willpower is not the strongest so being allowed to have my meal with the family at night means a lot. I'm not sure i would still be going this strong if i was doing SS but i guess it i such a personal choice!
Wow that's great. You're inspiration - my goal is 28lb in 6 weeks (for Christmas - more to lose after that but..) It's great to know its possible! Any tips?
From what I heard the losses are the same, I lost 60lbs in 12 weeks on ss+.
Seems a choice if you want to eat or not, if you dont then do ss but if you are happy to eat ss+.

Tips: Stick at it 100% to the book,
Dont cheat and dont try and find ways of cheating.
Make sure you drink loads of water and if it means buying it then buy it, only water I can really stomach is evian so been buying 4 litres a day from cash and carry ££££.
If you get constipated speak to your cdc and they will give(sell) you some fibre powder, need everything running smooth.
Stick with the sachets you like rather than forcing down those you dont.
Try and have breakfast, dinner, tea rather than having all in a clump.
Get active, not vigorous just try and do more than you did ie a walk.
For me the most important: When you get that week which you more than likely will where you dont lose much, dont be dissheartened and give up as if you have stuck to the diet it will be water retention and you will probably lose loads the next week. At the end of the month you will of lost well.
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I'm on day 6 of a restart, after having to come off cd for an operation in August and gaining 9lb. My plan was to ss but after 3 days I was really struggling, so moved to ss+ and finding it much easier.

I don't know why but it's so much harder this time I sole sourced for 19 weeks last time and apart from a couple of wobbly days I was fine.
what can u have on ss+
are the shakes still the same?
is it white meat and green veg? how much are u allowed. the thing is i mix my shakes with over a pint of water so that it really fills me up and i think havin a limited amount of food will leave me feelin hungry.
what can u have on ss+
are the shakes still the same?
is it white meat and green veg? how much are u allowed. the thing is i mix my shakes with over a pint of water so that it really fills me up and i think havin a limited amount of food will leave me feelin hungry.
Its 3 shakes(of any variety) and a very small weighed meal, theres hardly any carbs in the meal its just green veg and protien ie chicken/fish/cottage cheese. You will stay in ketosis and not feel hungry infact I and apparently most others stay in ketosis on 810.

Measures for ss+ off the top of my head are
2 tablespoons of green veg or salad(not sprouts, peas or runner beans), best check with cdc
120gramm chicken breast
180gramm white fish
190gramms tuna(must be in spring water)
225gramms low fat cottage cheese)
+ a few more I cant remember
Again check with your cdc

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