SSing and Appetite suppresants?


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Hey guys, I started CD today after trying LighterLife (and finding it too expensive!) and was wondering if any of you guys has ever takin appetite supressants, such as phentermine, to help you SS? I was considering doing this to make me a little stronger!! Any advice guys? Thankx xoxoxox
Hi there, to be honest hun I wouldn't advise using phentermine etc whilst ssing (actually as soon as you get into ketosis there really should be no need for them as you wont be too hungry anyhow) I think it would be a little dangerous to be honest, and so would say don't do it.

You will be feeling ropey enough on the first few days of ssing without getting the shakes and headaches and dry mouth and other horrible side effects associated with appetite suppressants!

Good luck with CD though, it's a great diet!


These drugs are actually amphetermines and very expensive. They will give you a high and then a real bad low. I know this as when I was 18 I took them and eventually got hooked. They are a controlled substance and very bad for you physically and mentally.
You are on a brilliant weight loss program you really do not need any form of substance to help carry you on your journey.
At the end of the day it will be your decision but if I could do it all again I would not touch them with a barge pole.
Good Luck!
Hey guys, thanks for replying! Ive taken Phentermine before, amongst other appetite suppresants! I just remember how i felt on Lighter Life and thought they might give me a hand. Ive started without them anywho. They cost 10pounds per week ish, i may take them if I start to feel a little weak, but right now im strong! hehe!

I dont know alot about the CD. I know that every 4weeks is AAM week, and was wondering, what are peoples average weight loss this week? DO you stay in Ketosis? Thanks xoxox