SSing and i feel fine !!!!!!


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Hi everybody ,
I love the idea of this weight loss diary so here goes nothing i weigh in at 16 stone :mad: !!

As from tomorrow i begin calorie counting 1500 cals a day .
This is the best i can do as my body just doesnt except cambridge at the moment, so instead of waiting for that to change i wil count what i eat i have bought a big calorie counting book and intend to swim 3 times a week too !

I know my losses will be small but some losses are better than no losses !

Wish me luck
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First of all let me say good luck!

Id also like to add some advice ive learned. If you start "justifying" things to yourself, thats when it all goes out of shape. For me anyways, when I try to do anything, if I start justifying things I never get what im trying to do done.

Thats not to say you can't loosen up a bit at times, such as that special occasion or the family get together!

Once again I wish you luck on your journey!

All the very best calorie counting Julie. I've been doing it for a year to maintain and it's worked for me.

Good luck!
Hi Kandy,

I find the diary is keeping me on track and focused and it is a good record to see how we are doing when looking back over the week.

In ten days I have come down 6lbs. and I am not in ketosis.

I am having three CD meals along with food...I am eating what I like but not stuffing myself.

Up to 4/5 liters of water as well.

Good luck with your diary thread.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Kandy

I started a 1500 cal diet 2 weeks ago. In the first week I lost 6lbs and this week have lost 3lbs. I swim every week day and walk the dog every day. I am pretty happy with this progress and reckon it's just a case of keeping to it! Good luck to you, hope it goes really well for you.
Hi Mini,
Well done on your weightloss thats really good i know you have had a fight on your hands just lately with the diet much the same as myself really i hope i am as successful as you ! ;) Also well done on this site, i love it it's great you have done so well :D !!!

Thank you Mandy for your reply you have done very well to get your bmi down wish i could have stuck to CD and i would have been on my way to maintenence by now :( .
Oh well i suppose its the getting there that counts that's what i keep telling myself anyway lol !

Take care all
Hi Julie

you can bet I will keep you up to date -I am so focussed at the moment I am only to happy to go on about it. My weigh in day is Sunday so watch this space next week. You take care.

luv Barb xx
Knowing first hand, of seeing my mother struggle for a long time with her weight, I know how hard it is. Though to be honest I really have no idea what it is like at first hand.

I was teased when I was younger about my weight, but I made myself ignore it. During the most stressful part of my life, which was studying for exams that determined my University, i was nearly 14st. Im not small and im about touching 6ft.

I lost that weight when I started to work, which was a very hard and physical enviroment, lifting boxes and moving weight all day long.

Currently im 11 1/2 st., and im happy with that. What im really trying to say is, its not easy to lose weight, if it was the world wouldnt have an obesidiy problem.

As somebody else said, you never lose till you stop trying. I think that is such a good quote.

Thank you Pierce,
What a good quote (how true!) . I think doing the cambridge diet has made me see there is a quick(although not easy) way out !
Phscologically that is torture because i can't stick to it for more than a couple of days so i feel bad about myself then eat (my comfort ) i have discovered that not forcing myself to SS i dont eat half so much ! What complex things we are lol !
Take care
morning Kandy...

hiya julie

hows things with ya??? you need to be a little bit nice to yourself girl..... you are controlling your weight and you should be very proud of yourself!!

hope you have a lovely day


Gen xx
Hey Gen,
Thanks for that , well can't say i have counted calories but i have eaten like a normal person today and it is the 1st day in a long long time i felt just normal i suppose . I know it sounds mad but i feel NORMAL !!!!!

I think i like it maybe this could turn out to be a good thing although it's only 1 day so won't pressure myself !

As you said Gen i am gonna be good to myself !

Hope you are all having a great day !!!!
Hi Kandy

Good luck with your weight loss, reckon sensible healthy eating is definitely the best way to succeed cos that can be done forever.

Sadly I have not been able to learn restraint around food, it's all or nothing with me! I'm going to have to get it sussed when I finish with CD so any tips?

Keep us posted.

Hi All,
Well without too much crying i am now 16.3 so 3 lbs gain not really the start i imagined , i feel so pi**ed off with myself now i would love to start ss again but i suffer in the heat so badly that with the effects of ketosis on top i would never cope ! (or would i ? )

Maybe if the thunderstorms come this weekend i can lock myself in with my symptoms lol!

Well still a work in progress i am afraid ,wish i would be stronger for myself !!! :mad:

Hope your all having a better day than me ;)

Take care
Hi Kandy,

Give it a couple of days to settle into eating as the glycogen stores do fill up and the 3 pounds could be a combination of glycogen and water retention in this heat.

If you beat yourself up over the 3 pounds weight on, you could easily then turn around and throw caution to the wind and use it as an excuse to carb over dose.

Just speaking from experience. Write down what you are eating and see how many calories it is.

Drinking water is still vital to weight loss and it is so easy to get out of the habit when eating again.

Come on now, deep breath:)

Love Mini xxx
Hey Mini,
It's not just 3lbs i just realised this morning that i have gained all the 3 stone i lost at the beginning of the year doing CD, all bar 4 lbs and i suppose i feel devastated really very emotional i really want to ss but cant find the strength i am so angry with myself which unfortunately has resulted in me bingeing today !

I feel like i have totally failed i have (friends ) who i know are very pleased i have regained the weight (just like they said i would ) which i feel lets the whole diet down because its not a weakness in the diet its a weakness in me !

Sorry to sound so sad i just feel very down and cant picture me getting out of it anytime soon first time that my weight has reduced me to tears what a failure !

Thanks for replying Mini xxx
Hiya Kandy honey

don't be beating urself up over 3 pounds. mini is right the more beat urself up the more chance you will carb overdose and then the 3 pound will turn into 3 stone!!! its all about control girl and the fact you have come on here and posted shows that you have in fact got control and just want to control it.

so, as mini said, deep breath, forget the 3 pound and start counting them calories and glugging the water and you will be down in no time.

big hugs to ya girl and keep posting!!

lots of love

Gen xx
Hiya Gen,
looks like our posts must of crossed as you can see the 3 lba kinda makes it 3 st so i am trying to find a way of being positive but it all looks futile at the moment . Thanks for your post much appreciated scared i may be a hopeless case. :eek:

Take care x