Older, Wiser, Fatter!


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Hi Everyone!

I've just spent the last hour reading a diary I had on here from 2012/2013. It has half depressed me and half inspired me.

Basically I had some success losing weight then by following the fasting diet (various versions). I wish I had carried on with it but I got greedy and wanted bigger losses. I moved onto a VLCD, then Slimming World. At this point my diary ended as I wanted to concentrate on starting my business. I also faffed around with a month on juicing and lost a lot of weight although this wasn't recorded in my diary. Since then though, I put it all back on, and some more. What a predictable and sad story!

I'm now 5 years older (39). I did start my business, and it is successful. I'm very busy with and it takes up a lot of my time, and I have let myself suffer in the process. for the last 2 weeks I have been doing 5:2. I have lost 6lbs and intend to carry on. This is the most weight I have managed to lose in over a year. Unfortunately when I left my 1st diary on here I was 12st 9. I am now 15.8 :mad: (started at 16 stone!)

I feel sad and upset with myself for being such a cliche, but also optimistic that the fasting seems to work for me and I can get my weight down again.

I will be posting my progress here mainly for my own benefit but if anyone else would like to read it too, then great :)

For anyone starting out, good luck. This is a struggle, I know.
Welcome back Louise:classic_smile:

What’s done is done...no point looking back and beating yourself up...I think it is a trap we all fall into Sind it just keeps us going around in circles.

Well done on your new start and losing 6lbs that is fantastic and just one more pound you will have your half stone award!

Great to see that 5:2 is working so well for you.

Congratulations and well done on setting up your own business and making a success of it:0clapper::winner::bestwishes: