SSing Over! Now re-feeding.

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by Eclipse, 21 November 2006 Social URL.

  1. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Feeling a bit fed up this morning.

    Have stuck to LT 100% over the past 3 weeks, having re-started for my final push to my own 'personal' goal. The first week I lost 8lbs, the second week 3lbs and this week I have stayed the same! Getting fed up now. Haven't done anything different, don't feel I want to eat, just want to get this last 8lbs done and dusted and over with!!!

    Any ideas guys??
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  3. FatFairNForty(ish)

    FatFairNForty(ish) Gold Member

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    Gosh Cheryl, you have done amazingly well - I saw your photos - incredible. I can't really make any recommendations except to say that I think you are an incredible person to have achieved what you have. Is that last 8lbs absolutely vital to shift? See, I am so new to this that I am wishing I had your dilemma.. lol That said, to YOU 8lbs IS important, and I can see that and I utterly respect that.. but... this is a personal goal... to have lost so much so recently too is a wonderful achievement. Perhaps it is just a fluctuation and next week it will be coming off again.. or perhaps your body is telling you that it is right where it is now.. I dunno... some of these lovely maintainers will set you right I am sure. But know that whatever happens you are an inspiration!!!!!!!!! :D
  4. magickmel

    magickmel Loves VLCD's !

    Lighter Life and now CD
    Cheryl, you have done so brilliantly and are an inspiration.:) I can't imagine having only 8lb left to lose so am no help to you at all but given your track record, you will make it ! Can understans its frustrating though. Are you drinking gallons of water ? That's the usual question my LLC asks when someone is stuck !:D
  5. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    Hi Cheryl
    I know I have stayed the same this week and all I had was 2 vodkas and coke Z but other than that I have done LL 100% and do aerobics now twice a week,just hang in there and next week we will show them
  6. clairejen

    clairejen Lurker

    Hi Cheryl
    I'm on my last 8lbs now too, and already in healthy bmi. I don't know much about LT but assume it's pretty similar to the other VLCDs. I can't pretend to be an expert so just speaking from my own experience - I have been much better on the weight loss since having some food. It may seem contradictory but for me having the extra protein has made me more energetic, so I can exercise more, this makes my metabolism run faster so the weight loss improves.
    Have you looked at the Last Stone Mission thread, there's quite a bit of discussion about why the last few pounds are so hard and what to do about it.
    You've done amazingly well on your diet, and I can see you want to finish the job properly, good for you.
  7. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Oh Wow

    FFF, magic, i'lldoit and claire - thank you so much for your replies. I weighed early this morning, earlier than usual, and I have just weighed again and I have shifted a pound! Can you believe it!!! (Perhaps letting out some of that hot air helped lol).

    It is just a personal thing now, as FFF says, as I have a BMI of 21.7. I think at the moment, I would just lurv to see the number 9 first on the scales. I don't reckon it will stay there once I start re-feeding etc, but that is my main reason to get under 10, so that I can come back up to around 10.2 - if you get my drift.

    I maintained my weight for 18 months or so at around 10.10, but being ill during the summer and mainly unable to move around a lot, I put on about 5lbs (not a great deal I know) but I didn't like it, and once I had finished my radiotherapy treatment I was determined to get back on track, then thought "whoo hoo lets get down another stone!".

    Will probably give it another 14 days max and see where it takes me.

    You are all doing brilliantly too by the way, and thank you for your lovely compliments re pics. :eek: Didn't realise I was an inspiration, never been an inspiration to anyone before, you have really made my day :D . Thank you all sooooo much.
  8. i'lldoit

    i'lldoit Banned

    HI Cheryl
    Your a big (well tiny now ;) ) INSPIRATION you look amazing well done you :D
    Fab 1lb gone I reckon by weigh-in it will be more.
  9. Shadow

    Shadow Member


    Well done on your amazing loss so far!

    Unless I am doing my sums wrong you have lost 12lb in only 4 weeks!!! This is pretty fantastic if you ask me when it's on someone with such a small amount to lose. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself expecting it to happen any faster than that.

    I've noticed myself that my losses have slowed right down now as I'm closer to my target but at the end of the day my body is a lot smaller than it used to be so the losses are more noticable than before. The same applies to you.

    You look fab, and have done great....stick with it and you'll get what you are aiming for well in time for Christmas.

    Love Shadow x
  10. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Thanks I'lldoit.

    Thank you too shadow. Actually I am on day 22 today, so only 3 weeks really, so perhaps I am being greedy! Just want to get there - lol. Looking back then, 12lbs in 3 weeks at this stage I suppose is pretty good really and I should stop grumbling.

    Will change the title of my thread too, as I sound very ungracious and greedy!

    Thank you all for making me realise I am being a total dumbass!:D
  11. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Right, after careful consideration last night and this morning, I have made the decision to start re-feeding! The weight loss has really slowed down, and I am at a healthy BMI of around 21.7, and now weigh 10st 3lbs. I am 5' 8" so I think this is just about right.

    I am going to be very careful, once again, on the re-feeding and do it correctly. I usually, and hopefully will this time, lose a couple of pounds during this time.

    I will let you know how it's going.

    Good luck everyone else with their continuing journeys and thank you all for your support along the way.
  12. bettyboo

    bettyboo Silver Member

    Good for you. That sounds perfect. Great BMI and you are so tall you look great !!


  13. olijames

    olijames Member


    I think making the decision is half the battle. I think we do punish ourselves. You have done so so well and to battle on with the weight loss journey as well as dealing with treatments. So, yes, you ARE an inspiration!:D

    I'm on the 'last stone mission too!' and I too am on day 22 today! SNAP! I tell ya if I was 5'8'' and 10.2 I'd be refeeding too! I lost 8lb 1st week, 3lbs 2nd and 3lbs at WI last night....I'm 11.5 though so really need to keep on keeping going....half of me wants food and half of me wants to keep on the packs. Maybe I'm becoming complacent as i near the end but I realising that this last stone really will make a difference to how i look and feel!:confused:

    Are you on LL or CD and which management programme are you following?:rolleyes:

    Whatever you decide I'm sure you will succeed..hope youre not planning on leaving the sure to keep on inspiring us?:)

  14. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Thanks Bettyboo and Oli for your replies. I do feel it's the right decision for me now.

    Oli, I am on Lipotrim, and only pick up my packs from the chemist, so no real "support" as such. I have very much been on my own over the years!!!

    The re-feeding is basically introducing foods on a regulated basis, ie no carbs for at least 3 days, no fruit for the same period of time. Chicken, fish, lean meat etc for the main protein and veg, not root veg, or salad. Usually 2 packs plus the above. Then after the initial 3 days, I can cut out one pack if I want and introduce small amounts of carbs, but not at every meal. Then its a very gradual process until I find the right balance. Bit boring really, but a challenge nontheless, making sure that I don't overdo it and regain all my glycogen back.

    Take care you guys, you've come so far.
  15. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Hiya Cheryl, For me making the decision to re feed was scary, I am still alittle scared now tbh!!!
    After SS for 4 months I felt like I couldnt do it! After a very motivational chat with DH I know feel ready to face the world lol!
  16. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Hi CanIReallyDoThis

    I agree with you, it is scary!

    We are faced with so many more choices now, rather than just which flavour shake will I have?

    It is a challange, I think more so than SSing because food was not available to us. It's even harder too because of the time of the year.

    BUT ...... We Can Really Do This....... If we can SS and lose weight, with food still surrounding us, then we CAN make the right choices over what to eat.

    Good luck
  17. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    We sure can matey, We have fought the battle, now lets win the war x
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