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Yesterday and today, i have been starving. Not just bored, picky eating because it's there, but absolutely ravenous! I used up so many of my weekly points yesterday evening on whatever i could find that was filling, and i'm the same today, normally i have breakfast and that does me until 11 when i have a snack, whichs gets me through until lunch at 2, but i ate my snack already at 10 i was so hungry! I'm just going into week 3 of WW now, is my body rebelling?! :rolleyes:
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These things happen, hormonal changes, if you're working out, more stress than usual any number of things. Either way I have been absolutely LOVING 0 point soup there are lots to try, my fav is butternut squash and red pepper but I take two bowls worth with me to work, I have one about lunch time and then one about 4:30-5pm.

Also what are you eating for breakfast? Maybe up your points for breakfast so that you can last longer? Like I'm eating loads for breakfast and havent been hungry at all Porridge 3pp, poached egg 2pp, 1 slice brown toast 1pp fruit bowl and a yoghurt 2pp. It sounds like a lot and it is but I'm def not hungry again till lunch. Also if you're not a morning person like me that also sounds like a lot of work but if you poach your egg the night before you can re-heat it in the morning and then just whack your porridge in the microwave.

Stick with it!
I have been on WW since November and I found that on the 3rd week I was hungry. I think it is just your body adjusting and it will pass. I am 2lb away from target now so it is possible. Use your weekly points to help you through good luck xx
I'm the same as leigh although for me it was week 5. I was like a savage that week. I ended up staying the same, which I was happy about, because I went over my points! So weird.

Things went back to normal the following week and I lost 2lbs and I'm into week 7 now and it's also normal!
Mine was in week 3 and lasted for about 10 days and I craved everything sweet and would have nawed at my right arm to curb the hunger cravings. However it did pass. It does come back from time to time, I am just ending week 9 and again same thing I have been soo hungry these last few days. I am just trying to control it (mind you yesterday lost the plot completely and ate like a mad woman 79 points eaten highest I have ever done!!)
Drinking water and 0 point fruit is quite a good way to get rid of it :)


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Well i put on a pound, hardly suprising seeing as i did end up going over my points at the weekend, but 'the hunger' (sounds like a villain in a film!) has passed and i feel quite relaxed and ready to continue again. I think it was definitely hormonal, i got my period, started a new pill, came off it after 3/4 days as it was giving me panic attacks, then had another period... i'm suprised the cadbury factory is still standing after a week like that!!!