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Staceys (mainly EE but some Red) food diary 2012


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Ok..... I'm back (and trying to figure out how to update my ticker as I cant remember my pin d'oh!)

I lost a few lbs for my cruise but am now back having a fresh start. I started a new diary because I haven't posted on my old one for ages so it felt a bit stale. I've been on minimins every day since I stopped posting. I love keeping up with other people's diaries etc. There's loads of inspirational people on here with huge losses and even bigger commitment. I want to be one of those people but can never seem to quite find the willpower.

I've got to go shopping today so will be starting tomorrow. I seem to have quite a lot of Christmas food crap to chuck away or feed to the OH (he will be eating what I cook, under protest obviously!) so thankfully won't have to cook separate stuff.

Currently got Britmums slow cooked spicy asian beef (from her amazing Slimming Eats website) in slow cooker which smells lush so fingers crossed. Will start posting food diary tomorrow or tonight if enough forward planning occurs!

Happy new year to all and heres to some great planning and losses in 2012 :party0011::party0011:
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Todays Food Diary. 2nd January EE day

B: 2 x satsumas, 2 egg omlette with onion, 2 x 0.5 syn sausages
L: None
D: StaceyUK's singapore noodles with lots of veg followed by choc ice (0.5 syns)

Syns: 1 for sausages
4.5 choc ice
0.5 for noodleage

Hea: Milk in tea
HEB.... ummmm not sure yet. Fibre plus?


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Thank you :) fingers crossed!

Today's food: another EE day because I'm having rice later

B: 2 clementines
L: free vegetable soup
D: jambalaya (2.5 syns) lots of veg in this.
Choc ice 4.5 syns

Hea: milk in tea. Maybe some cheese (is that wrong on jambalaya!? Who knows, who cares!)
Heb: fibre plus bar

Snacks: activia snack pot free. Nectarine free.

6.5 syns today :)

Then jambalaya in cooking action. Forgot to take one when it was cooked. Oops! Only took or on my iPhone so prob fairly naff

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Day 3 another EE day. Red not going very well this week....

B: clementine and nectarine like a bullet
L: free homemade veg soup. Fibre plus yum.
D: half a savoy cabbage and chicken and mushroom pasta and sauce (think they've changed them ?) free? Need to check syns. 125ml semi skimmed milk not sure of syns? 4?

Snack: flump 1.5 syns, biscuit 5 syns.

Hea: 42grams of low fat cheese
Heb: fibre plus

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Today's menu. Yet another EE day!

B: nectarine
L:jacket pot with cheese (hexa) and celery as 1/3
D: syn free chicken curry (1/3 superfree in this) with rice and pakoras (stole Petes pukka pakora recipe ?)

Heb: tbc
Snacks: Clementine
Syns: 2 for clover in spud. 4.5 choc ice

Very busy day so not hungry yet a d spud at lunch filled me up nicely. Everyone else having pizza at home tonight so feeling gutted! Dinner pic to follow later when I've cooked it...

Start of cooking:

Nearly done:

Served yum! :
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Over the weekend went a bit off plan breakfast wise. White toast 2 days running for brunch :-( Saturday night I had a chicken rogan josh and boiled rice from our takeaway (6.5 syns) it was lush

Sunday for dinner we had lean gammon, mash potatoes, peas, pickled onions, pickle beetroot. Postponed boxing day dinner :)


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Today's EE day today (need to change my diary title!)

B: clementine
L: leek, potato, onion and broccoli soup
Snack : another Clementine (was so hungry today)
D: pic below. Maggi garlic so juicy 3 syns. Jacket spud with 71g (a bit less) light garlic and herb philli. Broccoli.

Snacks: choc ice 4.5 syns,

Hea: light philli
Heb: hmmmm tbc
7.5 syns totals yay



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Tuesday. EE day :)

B: 2 clementines and HEB fibre plus
L: homemade syn free leek, onion, potato and broccoli soup
D: Singapore noodles pic attached 2 syns

Hea: milk in tea
Snacks: choc ice 4.5 syns

Syns: 6. Been SO hungry today!


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Oh thank you :) I always think it looks really messy compared to everyone else's! It because I always give my other half the better looking plate of food (god knows why, he doesn't notice!) thanks for looking at my diary :)

Food today - a bit bleak today! EE day

B: clementine. Piece of brazil nut toffee 4 syns ish
L: leek, broccoli, cauliflower and potato homemade soup - free
D: none! Still at hairdressers prob till 9 and will be too late by then
Hea: milk in tea
Heb: will have a fibre plus when I get home

Believe me, I'm REALLY hungry!


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I know im the same always take liads of care over plating up the hubbys food!! Dont know why i bother thought either as its always just wolfed down as soon as u set the plate down. I think he is afraid i'll try and take it back off him lol!! Enjoy ur pampering at the hairdresses.


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Today's food. EE again

B: ooooops had 3 quality street
L: left over Singapore noodles
D: Morrisons tikka chicken things (free) jacket spud with HEA philli light garlic and herb and peas, sweetcorn and spinach

That really is it :-( I finally have had a not hungry day! Will have a choc Ice in a bit for 4.5 syns. Plus 7.5 for quality street

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Yesterday EE day

B: clementine. Apple
L: homemade free soup
D: chicken madras I made. (6 syns for half and 1.5 for microrice)

Snacks: quality street x 7 (17.5 syns)
Hea: milk in tea
Heb: none

25 syns for the day oh noooo :-(


Chippin away at it
Your food looks very scrummy!! Whats the recipe for singapore noodles if you dont mind me asking? x


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Saturday and Sunday's food diary EE

Breakfast: Bacon sandwich on HEB with satsuma (not quite 1/3 superfree! Cheat! Won't be laughing on WI will I?)

No lunch

Dinner: chicken tikka rogan josh 6.5 syns, boiled rice, onion salad (again, was 1/3 but the onion was sooooo hot I couldn't ea it all!)

2 x toast heb. No 1/3 superfree.
Lunch : none
D: chicken in a bag, 4 syns, philli light jacket spud HEA and about 4 million sprouts!

6 syns worth of sweets
2 syns for milk in tea


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Monday. EE day.

B: apple, clementine
L: leek, potato, onion soup - free
D: Mediterranean chicken in a bag, 4 syns pics below. Actifry chips freeeeee.
Snacks: clementine, activia snack pot.
Heb: fibre plus om nom nom nom
HEA: milk in tea :)


After shake:

Done to follow :)


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Tuesday Red day

B: clementine and apple
L: syn free soup
D: 'grill up' 3 x 0.5 sausages, bacon (fat removed) 6 syns for slice of white toast, tomatoes, mushrooms and poached eggs x2 (7.5 total)

Snacks choc ice 4.5 syn
12 total
Hea: milk in tea
Heb: fibre plus


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Wednesday's food diary EE

B: clementine, HEB Choc weetabix bar
L: homemade leek potato onion soup. I can't face anymore of that this week! Savoury rice tomorrow.
D: mums curry! Gonna call it all 15 syns. Dunno what was in it. Not 1/3 superfree but I cant avoid stuff like this can I?

HEA milk in tea.
No pics of curry boooooo