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Staceys New Diary


gonna be a yummy mummy
this is maybe my second or third diary but i will try and keep it up to date lol.
well had weigh in last night and lost 4 1/2 lbs was my first week at group but have been on the plan for about 4 weeks.

was previously on sw before about 2 years ago lost 1 1/2 stone just before i got married, found out i was pregnant with our 1st baby who was born in dec 09 and never went back to class. lol

i am soo determined this time that i will lose it and i think its the support on this forum that has made me this way. lots of motivation and support, plus the endless supplies of recipes.

I am hoping to lose 6 stone + it will take a while, but i feel small goals work best for me, e.g. into size 18s, lose 22lbs for xmas.

Good luck to everyone on their journey that comes across this page

Stacey xx
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gonna be a yummy mummy
Hi stacy

Well done on your great loss - 4 1/2lb - result!! You sound like you are really motivated too - looking forward to seeing how you get on

Val xxx
thank you:D i'm very motivated just now, hope it stays that way xx


gonna be a yummy mummy
well had a bit of a poo week!!

got lazy and never planned anything for this week's menu which resulted in a few takeaways since weigh in last thursday.. got a grip of myself on sunday and hope its a STS on scales at WI 2nyt.

Had a couple of hours to myself this morning so sat and wrote out a week's menu that i am going to stick to, also wrote out my shopping list so i have everything i need.

Todays Food
Mullerlight (toffee) apple and banana
2 slice of w/meal bread and 28g cheese

chicken and herb low fat noodles

Cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce
baked potato
mixed veg

Stacey xx


gonna be a yummy mummy
Hi Stacey - great to see you back - Good luck with the wi tonight xxx

Thank you just needing a kick up the bum.. my hubby is great though he will literally stop me going to the cupboards if i'm in that kind of mood where i just want rubbish...emotional eating....lol

Stacey xx


gonna be a yummy mummy
been thinking that my new year resolution is going to be to focus only on getting healthier and fitter, and anything that helps me to do this..

keep forgetting to post on this, but i am going to try harder.

not been at class last weeks as first wk class got cancelled due to the very bad storm we had here and last wk my little girl(Eliana) was very unwell. so the past week sw got threw out the window lol..

everything much settled now, just xmas to get by now then its 100% back on track. will be going to last weigh in before xmas (thursday) and see how much damage has been done. but started back on plan yday so i am hoping for STS.

Back to work today after a week off for Eliana's birthday, soo dont want to go back!!!

Extra Easy

B/fast: 2 eggs, bacon, 2 slice of w/meal bread, banana

Lunch: soup, grapes

Dinner: Baked potato, cheese, beans (mmh)side salad

stacey xx


gonna be a yummy mummy
Going to try the 3 positives:

1. had a great sleep and dont start work until 2, so can spend the morning with my girl

2. off work tomorrow, how i love working part time

3. soo glad Eliana is feeling much better, takes alot of stress off.

Stacey x


gonna be a yummy mummy
3 positives:

1. Off today, and the only thing I'm doing is making crispy cakes with eliana.
2. All the Xmas shopping done, so might start wrapping today.
3. Had a great sleep :) Xx


gonna be a yummy mummy
NSV!!!!!!!! tried on size 18 trousers that i have never been able to get into and they fasten!!!!!!

a bit tight but they fasten, so hopefully i can wear them soon

happy happy happy!!!


gonna be a yummy mummy
Thinking about moving group, really like my c but ever since my aunty stopped going I have to rely on my dad taking me, he doesn't mind, but a don't want to be burden. I can't walk to my current class would take an hour, the new class am looking at would be 10 min walk.

When I was going to start sw again I had suggested this class to my aunty where we stay but she said she wanted to go back to old class as she knew consultant.
Now she not going anymore, so thinking to change.

Stacey x


gonna be a yummy mummy
3 positives:

1. most of the xmas pressies are wrapped for my special girl

2. only working today, then off thursday n friday

3. taking eliana carol singing tonight

Stacey xx

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