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Total Solution Stalling second week?

Discussion in 'Exante' started by tink1982, 16 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. tink1982

    tink1982 Well-Known Member

    Hi there!

    I'm a previous Cambridge dieter, but put on 2 stone following giving up smoking so am trying exante to shift it.

    Week 1, I lost 9lbs. I was good all week, the only cheat being a chicken breast on Saturday night. No exercise more than usual ( I have horses and ride most days, this is normal for me)
    I am in week 2 and as of today (weigh in day today) I've lost further 2.5 lbs. I've been 100% .... And I've even been running twice in addition to the riding) to keep the metabolism up.

    Why have I only lost 2lb?? I feel good, I'm not hungry, ketostix going pink, all the usual stuff.

    I have a further stone to lose so hope it's not going to be this slow?
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  3. Miss Demeanour

    Miss Demeanour I.P. Freely


    If you look at a lot of people's stats, then it is quite usual to have a 'slow' week 2. I assume it's the body re-grouping over the shock of week one. However you can rest assured that week 2's losses with be all body mass, rather than the week 1's last meal/glycogen/masses of water/anything spare/then fat.

    It's all good, hang in there :)
  4. Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown Well-Known Member

    Everyone stalls on the second week, it just happens and I think it's your body just catching up with the dramatic losses in the first week. You should go back to losing 4lbs a week in week 3 tho.
  5. tink1982

    tink1982 Well-Known Member

    I hope so!!! Last time, I recall the final stone being so incredibly slow, which I know is because I had so much less to lose than when I started!!

    Here's to a better week 3. I am vowing not to weigh myself now until next Tuesday so hopefully there will be a pleasant surprise!!
  6. blubbermonkey

    blubbermonkey Well-Known Member

    A slow second week here too, I lost just a pound. Next week will be much better, stay focussed :)
  7. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Well-Known Member

    Don't forget on your small loss weeks to compare it against something, that always helps me, ie if I lose a pound then all week I imagine two blocks of butter, all that fat I've lost :D
  8. Bikbee vikki

    Bikbee vikki Member

    I'm in my 2nd week and have nibbled which I know I will be kicking myself for but only had chicken or ham no carbs or chocolate even when tempted by my partner who happily munched his way through a huge box of Lindor next to me! I have hopped on the scales most mornings and got off again with a "what??!! Nothing!" But know from experience that week 2 is a bit of a let down! I can tell that I have lost inches and friends have noticed which is a fantastic boost! So here is to a great 100% week 3 my weigh is is Monday so even if it's a 1lb off it's better than being a 1lb on! Good luck to everyone! Will get round to doing my stats and vumping up my profile soon!
  9. fayfe

    fayfe Well-Known Member

    Bikbee vikki - chicken and ham shouldn't do that much damage, onwards and downwards :)
  10. surfybeachbabe

    surfybeachbabe Well-Known Member

    I've had exactly the same issue this week 2 and I've lost 2lb and seems so annoying after the week one big loss. I will be keeping everything crossed that it drops a bit more for both of us next week :)

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