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star week - finding it hard to stick to plan

errrm. Is a star week that crappy week us ladys get?

*hugs* screw it hun. did the jelly babies and wine atleast make you feel better? .. youv done it now.. no point feeling **** over it, otherwise it really was pointless! gotta atleast enjoy it! even if you will feel guilty an hour later lol.

Iv been uber good and managed to go to alton towers for the whole weekend and still eat well.. amazingly! and yet i got home today and ate left over wedding cake :O with cream. . what was the point in that?! .. well it made me feel good. so why the hell not haha

pick yourself up and get back on it girl.. u be fine! x
Just think what it could have been.... Im having the same week and yesterday my best friend came round and we made chocolate buns, only lil ones but I had 3 and thought - thats ok, this time of the month the old me would have eaten the corner shop so.....

Stay positive xx
Im on star week too (due tomorrow) and Im finding today that Im really not craving anything.....
thats a first for me... maybe its cos Im feeling so bloated who knows...


I can do this............
i had my star week last week after waiting 3 weeks for it! just when i thought i had got away with it, it decided to show itself! lol!
Even though i was good last week it didnt stop the craving but i found some low syn snack to stamp it out! freddo's and salt vinegar snack a jack popcorn helped me through!!


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I agree with the others, a handful of peanuts, a glass of wine and some sweets doesn't sound too awful, and in theory you could probably just about do that in under 15 syns (though obviously if you'd already had some syns that doesn't help much!) Just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and keep going. Maybe plan to use your syns this way for the next few days - ie if you usually use them on Sensible Things like, I dunno, olive oil or whatever rather than indulgent things, then give the Sensible Things a rest and let yourself have the peanuts etc, just try to keep a handle on it.

Maybe try and plan out the next few days' meals/snacks and set yourself a challenge to include lots of speed foods/superfree stuff?


Reached Target. woohoo
I find that if i get a craving when on star week i usually have choc option drinks or mix a satchet of it into some fromaige fraise and its like a choc mousse, that normally gets me through. xxx
thanks ladies - i feel much better today - have been really good today and have been filling up on speed foods such as strawberries today!

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