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Starbucks sym values on red cup drinks

Caffe Latte, Skimmed Milk, 1 short 3½
Caffe Latte, Skimmed Milk, 1 tall 5
Caffe Latte, Skimmed Milk, 1 grande 6½
Caffe Latte, Skimmed Milk, 1 venti 8

is just a few of the one on the sw online syn section. I couldn't find any eggnog drinks
if you use the milk as your Healthy A you just need to count the syrup. See how many times they pump it.

Flavoured syrup 1 syn per pump
Sugar free syrup is syn free
Mocha syrup is 1.5 syns per pump.

A tall is roughly 350ml so using your skimmed milk allowance you can have a low syn treat.
The other half is a massive fan of these (he had two today)! However, unlike the other Christmas drinks (Toffee Nut and Gingerbread), they don't just use a couple of pumps of the flavouring; they use a creamy pre-mix for the eggnog which is really quite calorific! I can't be sure how much fresh milk they add - perhaps ask your barista - but you'd be safer just to syn the whole thing and use your healthy extra A elsewhere. Nutritional info for all Starbucks drinks can be found on their website, and as others have said, 20 calories = 1 syn.
As I posted elsewhere, the Eggnog latte isn't on the nutritional information sheet, I assume that is because it is a seasonal drink and only available for a short few weeks (or sometimes days depending on how long the stores supply lasts)

The Eggnog latte's aren't made with milk, they are just made with the premix, I have no idea what they are syns wise, but they contributed to my 1.5lb gain this week!

For the toffee nut and gingerbread latte I would take the highest syrup syn value possible.
They are there! If you go to the link I posted above, and download the PDF document, you'll find the seasonal drinks right at the beginning.
WooHoo.... It wasn't there 2 days ago!

Although the only one it doesn't give full nutrition on is the eggnog, typical, but it gives enough...

17½ Syns per package/portion on All :(

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