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Starlights Diary - and so this horrible year continues

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So here I am - take 2!

I think part of the reason Im struggling so much just now is my missing diary. I really need it for several reasons. Its theraputic, keeps me on track and I know Ill get my butt kicked if I stray.

So, Im starting a new diary - in a similar vein to my old one... the 'strictly dieting' one just didnt work for me. Obviously Im going to have to make changes to some of the things I talk about but I have to admit Im feeling better about being back already... so prepared to be bored - again :)
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Bore away then Sandy

Its great to see you back and I've really missed your diary. Hopefully it will keep you firmly on track. How's SW going in general?



nearly there!! :)
welcome back :)
hope things are going ok
A catch up at last

Ok so starting a diary then not posting isnt a great idea lol

Ive really just not got anywhere recently with my diet, In fact for the first time ever Ive gained again and thats no use. Ive been blaming SW for 'not working' but actually the reason its not working is simple - Im not sticking to it. Im having too many 'off days' and not enough 100% days and that has to stop!!!

My new start was supposed to be Monday but this week hasnt gone quite to plan. I was away again this week with my mum and Emma. We went to St Andrews. I really do find SW is a lot harder to keep to than WW when Im away, having said that breakfast at a B&B is fabulous on SW ;)

I did make some good choices, Baked Potato for lunch on the way up and pasta for dinner. I just adore SW brekkies, each morning, I had fresh fruit, toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and beans - fanstastic!!

Had a great time with Emma, shes such good fun!! We had a few days at St Andrews, and the weather was fabulous, even made it to the beach a few times - yes in Scotland in October :eek:

We stopped off at Deep Sea World on the way home, Emma loved that, couldnt believe it was real sharks lol The cafe there was rubbish - no sandwiches. I had a diet coke, a packet of grapes and a bag of crisps, figuring I can Syn the crisps lol

So the plan was back to the plan on Wednesday. Which I did. There are some big changes afoot at work. We're going to a new shift pattern in February, longer hours but much more days off. But the downside is they have to make a new shift taking people from all the other groups. And ofcourse me having the luck I have - ie NONE, Im having to move to the new shift. I was absolutely devastated. So what did I do on Thursday?? Cried and ate!!! However as time has gone on, and Ive found out more of who Ill be working with its looking like a really good shift - so not all bad and Im quite happy about it now :)

Ive stuck to the plan the past couple of days - damage limitation :rolleyes: so Ill see what my wi brings tomorrow.

Its my birthday this week so Im eating out a few times but come hell or high water I WILL make sensible choices. I really need to get a grip of this and get back on track.

I really think having a diary again will be a huge help to me in focussing.

Going to post this before I lose it, or you fall asleep ;)
We all get crap days hun. Draw a huge red line under them and start again.

At least the new shift could be like a "fresh" start and could even act as a goal. By the time you start your new shift in feb what weight you wanna be?

St Andrews eh? Never even been to scotland! Well, except gretna green ;) xxx
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