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Distract yourself somehow - go for a walk, go for a bath, do something to distract you for a while. Do you still have a pack to have today? If you're really feeling like you need to eat i'd say have an extra pack instead. It wont affect your losses at all and will hopefully keep you on track. Hope you manage to keep going


Now Maintaining :)
I know how you feel. My husband was eating Macdonalds just now, and all I had waiting for me was a chocolate shake! Urggh...I hate the weekends!:mad::cry:


One day at a time!
Me too! I'm on day 6 and can't stop thinking about food today. So far I've done some gardening, read the papers, chatted on the phone and in the end just went to bed for a couple of hours - even I haven't perfected the art of sleeping and eating at the same time, lol. I have drawn the line at doing the ironing though;) I have realised that today I've drunk far less water than I usually do so have just glugged a litre and feel a bit better - maybe you need a bit more? It's not so easy drinking all day when it's cold and raining though is it? An early night might put an end to those cravings!
i know tommorrow i'll feel better, especially as its my first weigh-in. I lost 6 stone in 2008 so know it works but cant remember feeling this hungry.. or maybe i did. Just tried to convince the kids that bread and butter will make me feel better lol lol they now have me nailed to the sofa!


One day at a time!
ROFL, what a great support network you have. My DH forgot for a moment yesterday that I was CDing again and came back from paying the paper bill with 2 bars of my favourite chocolate for me! They are quietly lurking at the back of a cupboard somewhere, whispering my name, lol. I am ignoring them and singing to myself to drown them out;)
Lol Oooooo keep singing Lalallaaaaaalaaaa i cant here youuuuuu lol
I could of killed him actually, and now he's in bed i'm looking at the bread thinking Hmmmm there is no way i'm gonna get away with even a slice! I'll thank him tomorrow lol