Start of third day...


... and I'm not having any difficulty with the diet at all. Sure, I would happily gobble up a chinese banquet, but then I always could. But I'm not experiencing any real hunger pangs.

Am I exceptionally lucky and going to find the intro to the diet easy, or am I about to have the shock of my life?

I did a ketone strip test and it came out between the 1.5 and 4 mark. Could this be a false negative? What range would you normally expect on this diet with all your water drinking?
Sounds like you are doing brilliant to me and well done.

The ketostix will be showing ketones and won't be a false positive so you will be going into ketosis now which is excellent.

Thanks icemoose.

And may I say that your blog was what convinced me that I should definately give Cambridge a shot. What an inspiration!
Me too!

Hey - I'm on day 3 as well and did my ketostix last night and I'm also in Ketosis and not having any hunger pangs yet! :eek:)
In fact I feel quite good!
Yesterday had a thumping headache but today - fine!
Looking forward to weigh in next Monday!
that's great BurtBird!

I was wondering if it was just my adrenaline - I am so excited at the prospect of not being fat for the first time in my life.

roll on monday.

Its my 3rd day too and Im feeling fantastic, not so good yesterday but overnight Ive come over that and feel great like I could go on forever.. haha, havent done my ketone stick test yet gonna do it in the morning but the weight is dropping off on my scales but Im aware it may well fluctuate, how do I know if the colour on my stick will be right?

Well done everyone sounds like were all doing really well.. exciting eh.

Lizi x