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  1. serendipy

    serendipy Member

    Hi! I am Lola, I am 26 years old and have been trying to loose weight for years but every time I loose a few kg then I gain double than I lost.....

    Now I have 24 kg to loose (about 50 pounds). I have tried all the existing diets and they don't work for me, I just don't stick to them...when I loose a few pounds I realize that it works and I feel capable to do it whenever I want, so decide to eat for a few more days and then start, but then I have a birthday, then a dinner, etc, etc, etc, and that is how I regain the weight lost ad even more than that.... I have found Diet Chef and think that if everything comes already prepared and in portions it will be easier for me to stick...specially if I start seeing results.....this has been a big decision because it is a lot of money! so it will make me stick to it! and I hope to finally get my body and my life back! I really want to do this!!!

    Tomorrow I will try the food for the first time, I am sure I will enjoy it and really hope not to be hungry...... :( I am used to big portions....I know I will only add some milk and blueberries to porridge and thats all because my standard hamper is enough according to my mass index...

    My goal is to loose all the kg for the summer and be able to wear my old clothes again! and wear a bikini (I will walk through the whole beach on it :D!!!!)

    Please wish me luck and good luck to all of you!!!

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  3. serendipy

    serendipy Member

    First day I AM STARVING, this is how I did it:
    Beakfast: cacao nibbles porridge with 120ml semi skimed milk
    Lunch: chocolate shake (I has classes) and I ate my snack as well at lunch time! :( I was so hungry..... (onion crackers or something like that)

    Now it is 18:11 and I could eat a whale.....I have just realized that I have only eaten 554 calories and my dinner has 288 so according to Diet Chef BMI calculator I could still add 388 calories... I will have some peanuts (200 cal) and ad something to dinner....

    I hope to get used to this soon because I am really, really, hungry.....

    I'll come back to you tomorrow!

    Good luck!

  4. serendipy

    serendipy Member

    Hi all! I am on day 3. Day two was better than the first one.

    Breakfast: Luxury granola with milk
    Lunch: corn chowder (fabulous!)
    Snak: maple popcorn
    Dinner: pie (lamb and mashed potatos)
    I added during the day:
    - 1 cup raspberries with two tablespoons of condensed milk (dont worry, I counted the calories)
    - 1 skiny vanilla spicy late
    - 2 cups vegetable broth

    My daily calories should be 1230 and I had 1262, I know I had 32 extra calories, it wont happen again but I also walked a lot and I have calculated my BIM considering sedentary so I hope I burned that 32 calories out.....

    Today I had:
    Breakfast: porridge, I added 6 blueberries
    Lunch: chicken couscous salad
    Snak: paprika bakes

    I dont know what I will have for dinner but I am not hungry at all and I have only had 539 calories until I am happy!

    Tomorrow I have been invited to a "pizza and proseco night" so I am trying to decide what to do, I wouldnt like to have pizza because I feel I would screw up these three days but since everyone have 1 free meal per week maybe that could be my free meal...I dont know....or maybe I can eat before going and only have a couple of glasses of champaign......any suggestion?

    Please I need some advice on this!!

    Thank you!

  5. dare_bee

    dare_bee Member

    Haven't checked in here for a couple if weeks but just wondered how you're getting on now??

    I know it's too late re your pizza and prosecco party but personally I have tried to not get in the habit of one cheat meal a week - dont get me wrong, I do have cheat meals, but didnt want to get in habit of it!!
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