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start tomorrow..help


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hi guys well i brough some ready made shakes today i wanna start tomorrow,how many a day do i have and what can i eat,im 13stone :-( what can i expect to lose,i joined a gym too a month agao and have lost 7lbs already just need a kick start so thought i would try slimfast help?
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Hi Charlotte

I'm the same as you, i've bought all the products ready for tomorrow. I too am starting at 13 stone. 2 peas in a pod eh? There is a sticky "how to slimfast" that I read to get myself prepared. I'm not sure what to expect in losses either so i'll wait and see what other replies come in. Perhaps we ought to check in with each other along the way to motivate each other? I think it's 2 meal replacements and a 600cal meal and a couple of snacks a days at 100cals each...


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi focusedter yes lets do it together hey? ive done so many diets,lost nearly 3 stone 2 years ago on lighterlife i was 15 stone once,have done lipotrim too but need to watch my pennies,so lets give this a go.good luck and send me your email if you like? good luck xxx
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Hey, I just started slimfast today, I'd love to know how you guys get on with it, good luck!
Well I lost just over 3 and half stone last year with cambridge diets. But had an op in Jan and have slowly regained a fair bit. I've dabbled back on cambridge but lost my enthusiasm. I need to do something different to re-motivate me where i can still have some food. Should I add you as a contact / friend and then message you with my email address. I don't always get on minimins as much as i would like but I check my email briefly most days...
Hi Pinkfluff

Good luck to you too - Have you tried any other diets before Slimfast?
S: 14st2lb C: 10st13lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 3st3lb(22.73%)
Not really, I've always tried to eat healthily although today has really opened my eyes, I had no idea how many calories are in some foods. I'd alway choose wraps over bread thinking they were healthier but one wrap contains waaaay more calories than a slice of bread. It's obvious I've been eating huge amounts of calories without realising. Never been on a proper hardcore diet though so I'm really hoping I get results from slimfast. I don't have a lot of money at the moment so can't really go on any TFR diets. I doubt I could give up food completely.


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
he focuster yes i have added you as a contact? not sure how it works thou lol i too had an op in jan,but will tell you about it through private message had some cosmetic work lol x good luck tomorrow and hope to chat real soon love charlotte x
I'm just working out my goals as i need to get a plan together in my head and start aiming in the right direction. Have you got mini goals in mind - ie. how much you wish to lose per week? I have to say that sometimes the scales have been my worst enemy. I may have to weigh every fortnight or even once a month as if I don't see results I lose focus.
Charlotte - I've just tried to PM you but it won't allow it. I think it may be because you need to have done 50 posts before you are granted the access. So, if you can add 1 more post I think it may work..?
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Hi Guys!! I'm starting tomorow too!!
Lets support each other.

Its 2 shakes a day. One 600calorie meal
2-3 snacks 100cals each.

Plus drink lots of water and excersise.

Good luck!!
Hi losslossloss - Good Luck! I'll prob check in again tomorrow or the day after to see how everyone is getting on.
I'm the same - one shake and plenty of water. Feeling peckish but have a couple of snacks lined up for later. Not sure what meal i'll have tonight yet.
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hey girlies, just to let you know, if you go on the www.slimfast.com site there's two ways you can do the SF plan and lots of good tools to help you along xx
Thanks yummymummy - i'll check it out.
Well - i'm back to confess a non-starter the other day. They say if you fail to plan you plan to fail. I only bought a powder tin and a couple of ready made shakes. Foolishly never read the instructions properly and didn't buy any skimmed milk. Anyhow - I have now planned for success and see how I go. I'll also check out the link soontobe yummymummy has suggested. Watch this space...

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