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Start week 6 and weaker than ever!! Anyone else been like this?

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hi guys,

Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday. I'm sat in the glorious sunshine so I'm a happy bunny.

I'm just throwing this question out there because I've started week 6 and am weaker than ever. I litterally struggle carrying shopping, walking anywhere, steps!!! I'm light headed too. But today is the worst so far, my limbs are really tired and achey and my body feels very tired if that makes sense. I feel dazed a lot of the time.

I'm on 810 and would love to know from anyone ss, ss+ etc....if this is normal.

I'm still very happy on CD and won't be coming off it but I really want to get back to exercising and at the moment there isn't a hope in hell!

I'm drinking loads of water and having everything I should. I'd really appreciate if anyone else still feels weak into the diet. :sign0163:

Thanks peeps xxx :thankyou:
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Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Well.....it's not looking so common then. All my energy was zappeed and I ended up in bed and slept for 2 hours. Not feeling too great at all. Wonder what my CDC will suggest tomorrow xxx
Hi Sunshine Singer I'm only on end of week 2 but I have no energy either. I usually take my dog out and enjoy walking even although fat. I aim to do about 3 miles, 4 times a week but since starting CD I can't hardly walk the length of the road. I think just take it easy and exercise after you've lost your weight. Actually if you exercise after it will keep your weight off whereas if you're doing it now maybe your body will get used to that too and it could mess with your metabolism - dont know.

Sunshine Singer

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I think you're right Broxi however I'm now more concerned about my every day energy levels than worrying about the gym.

I just posted whats happened today on my Shrinklie thread but basically i got really, really bad today. It's weird 'cause by week 6 you'd think you wouldn't feel this awful. I'm gonna see my CDC tomorrow. I've had to have an energy bar as I thought I was going to collapse. Seriously this isn't like me at all.

Awww you're poor ikkle dog will have to have shorter walkies for a while :0) you're doing really well tho Broxi and thanks for posting for me hun xxx:wave_cry:
Hi Sunshine. Think I'm week 6, lose track. I have felt exhausted yesterday and today. Yesterday I could hardly get out of bed, felt ill as well. Managed to shower and felt a bit better then and had a shake straight away and lots of water.

I have energetic days and tired days, mainly tired. I know we get all our vits from CD but I found taking a multivit helped me. So might do that tonight.

There's no way I could exercise at the moment and am not bothered really. Actually, managed 10 mins on cross trainer today.

I wouldn't worry hun :) know it's a pain when you get this far in, but perhaps next week will be different. x

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Thanks hun. I lose track too. I'd just love to know why I've been getting worse and worse when I should be getting better and better :0) I love CD so that's good at least but I haven't had a good energy day for over 2 weeks now which I think is odd. I might do what you suggest and take a multi vit. I actually stopped taking them when I started CD. Thanks so much. You're doing so well xxx


Silver Member
Hi Sunshine - sorry I can't comment, as I have not even started yet!! I am waiting for my CDC to call me back - I hope she will tomorrow!

I am a bit worried though by what you have said, as I love hill walking, and by the sound of it, I won't be able to do that while I am on the diet! That is a real bummer!!

I wish I could help you out..... sorry!!

Sunshine Singer

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Aw thanks Ladyb,

What they say usually is that if you're already exercising before CD you can continue but you'll have to take it easy. In my first week I was litterally buzzing with energy and was cycling 2-3hrs twice, walking, running around as usual....it kept my mind off starting the diet. Since then tho i haven't been able to. I also do weights with my OH but can't at the moment. The way I see it tho is that I'll do what I can when I can and take each day as it comes. When I'm maintaining and I'll get back into my exercise routine....i do love it but i'll love doing it even more when I'm skinny heheheehehe. I actually have my wobble machine.....known to others as power plates.....under a heap of clothes. I should start using it again and wobble my flab away.

Good luck with your start and let me know how you're getting on xxx

Sunshine Singer

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Ps...LadyB, come and join our mad Shrinklie Power challenge thread. We're starting a 5 week challenge on Wed. It's a brilliant group. We have a right laugh over there and keep eachother going. You're very welcome xxx
Sorry to hear your so tired, maybe contact your CDC and tell how your feeling.

Im on on week three/four (mixed up right now) and have too much energy I have to keep going on my gazelle trainer to burn some off and that is sooo not me.

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Hahahah Witchy, thats was me in week 1 & 2. I had so much energy i didn't know what to do with myself. Yep I'll see my CDC tomorrow and chat to her. I didn't want to call her on a Bank Holiday as she only officially works Tues and Thurs.

Enjoy all that energy while you have it. long may it last xxx

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