Start weight 20st!


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Firstly, well done on making a start on your weight loss journey. I think your plan sounds great, but to stop you from getting bored, I'd suggest getting a wide range of wii games to keep you occupied. Have you thought about adding walking/cycling to your daily routine, such as walking to work? x


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Hi there, Meg> I've only just seen this - welcome to the boards. It's a great commitment to put yourself first and get to a body that feels comfortable and is healthy.

Have you thought about adding in random acts of fitness. These could be walking up the stairs, not using the lifts or escalators, parking in the farthest corner of the carpark at the supermarket, getting off the bus a stop early, or walking a longer way round between a and b.

Anpother idea is to get a pedometer and challenge yourself to do 100 steps more a day than you average in the first week, until you get to 12,000.



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Hi Meg! I am the same as you, I get bored so easily. I got Zumba because it was supposed to be so entertaining, I did it a few times and it was a lot of fun, but I came out so sore. I have decided I want to try kettlebells everything I read on them sounds like they are great! They do your resistant, agility, balance and cardio all in one work out!! I am hoping to go out tomorrow and buy one! I know you posted this forever ago, so I'm going to ask...what did you find to do that kept you interested, because like I said I get bored so easily like you!! Best of luck!!