Started again.. Day 3.. Argh!!!

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  1. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Hi.. I've been trying to start on and off again since abot Xmas and failing miserably each time.. Have started again and got to day 3.. I know once I get past tomorrow it will be much easier but blimey it's hard today.. I am currently trying to hold of eating my last pack (dinner) for as long as poss so I can go to bed with a full tummy.. Any inspirational thoughts would be more than welcome right now.. I have a Groany tummy, a headache and I'm totally drained.. Coke zero is great but if I drink too much I won't be able to sleep.. Don't want to moan but ARGH!!!!!
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  3. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Made it to day 4.. Horray.. Hopefully I'll get into Ketosis later
  4. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Well done on restarting SuperNova - it's always the hardest getting past that first hurdle of the first week on this.
    The main thing is that you keep trying, this is my third attempt at Exante, having not made it passed 10 days and even then I wasn't 100%.
    But now I'm on 13 days 100% TS and definitely feel like I'm in the right mindset to carry on this way.

    You are doing so well, and well done on getting to Day 4! I'm sure you'll continue to do brilliantly and I look forward to seeing your updates! :)
  5. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Thanks Sheridan.. Yesterday was definatly hard but today I can feel myself going into Ketosis. Yippee!!!
    You keep up the good work too 9.2lb loss in the first week is great .. Hope I can lose that much
    Once you get in the correct mindset it seems so easy but the minute you stop its SOOOOO HARD to get back on it:)
  6. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Yey I made it to day 5.. I must be in Ketosis cos I've been up since 6 and feeling great.. Actually it's probably all the early nights and no alcohol.. I'm going to buy some Keto stick on the way to work. If I can see I'm in Ketosis it gives me more will power. The only thing that will ruin it for me today is that it is going to be a lovely sunny day and it's Friday. Whenever I leave work on a Friday and it's lovely and sunny my thoughts start to wander towards a lovely cold glass of wine in the garden.. Fingers crossed.. Have a good day everyone and try to remember being slim or thin or thinner will feel better than any , choc , wine, takeaway or whatever it is your missing the most.
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  7. Well done SuperNova. I started the Exante Total Solutions on Monday, so I'm also on day 5! Fortunately, I had a bad cold/bug from Tuesday - Thursday and totally lost my appetite; I continued with my shakes but the past 5 days have been a breeze. I am hoping that I'm in ketosis, although I've got limited taste buds at the moment so i'm not able to tell through the taste in my mouth...I may buy some ketostix. As I am now getting over my little ill-spell, I am starting to crave some food psychologically, but I'm just trying to keep myself busy and occupied.

    I did Exante about three years ago, before my wedding, and I lost 35lbs in three months, so I know it works. For me to biggest challenge is staying on track and being mentally strong, but I need this as a huge kick-start!

    I am looking forward to my weigh-in on Monday morning, hopefully those scales will motivate me...
  8. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Thx secret eater.. You sound like you would be in Ketosis by now.. Well done for sticking with it whilst your unwell.. I think my brain would have latched on to that and used it as an excuse to stop straight away.. It's hard when your hungry but it's just as hard when it's psychological.. Last nt was really hard. All I could think about was that I wAs missing out on the usual Friday nt treats.. Oh well it's the morning now and I feel good for not giving in. Best of luck for your Monday weigh in. It's great to have someone on my thread that has started on the same day..
  9. Well done for being good last night! I think that weekends are the hardest...trying not to get tempted by all the yummy food! My family are having a BBQ tonight and that will be torture.

    I'm trying not to dwell on the negatives and difficulties, and keep telling myself that this is only for a couple of months. Although the food/'treats' are appealing, they only has short term benefits and I need long term benefits! I actually quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get when you've maintained your will-power, it's uplifting!

    I will let you know how I get on with my weigh-in on Monday. Good luck for yours... Rachel.
  10. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Hi.. I weighed in at 8lb lost.. I'm a bit disappointed cos I weighed that 2days ago.. Oh well no more mid week weigh ins for me.. Hope yours goes better.. I'm struggling a bit today as I feel really hungry.. I just want to eat ( carbs mainly ) gonna try really hard not to.. Maybe I'll boil an egg!!
  11. 8lbs is great, don't be disappointed with's equivalent to a large new born baby!
    It's difficult to avoid the frequent weigh-ins, but I think it's important that you weigh only once weekly, otherwise it can be misleading and disappointing, which then leads to lower motivation.

    I had a bit of a cheat yesterday...went out last night with my husband and had a piece of seabass with salad...drank a whole jug of water and no wine!

    I've got a week off work this week so I'm planning on nice walks and the gym, in fact, I'm off for my gym induction at 10am. Just had my second attempt at the apple and cinnamon porridge...yuk! I can't stand the taste, but I've got a box of now 48. I can't bring myself to eat it so I'm a third of my supplies down.

    Anyway, i almost weight loss was 9lbs. Really pleased with that. I've also noticed that my skin is looking much brighter...all the water I think!

    Keep up the good work and keep off those scales til next week. x
  12. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Well done 9lbs thats a good weeks loss.. I love the apple and cinnamon porridge.. Ive a bit of a blip last nt so have got to start all over again and get into ketosis.. Its stupid isnt it, the day after you have blown your diet you wake up feeling like What was the point of blowing it? Its only food!!! Anyway im back on it today and am not going to undo all my hard work again.. You keep up the good work too and have a good week
  13. Oh no, hope you're back on track. You're right, it's totally not worth it...I've been there so many times. Stay strong and keep focused on your goal, whenever your tempted just remember why you are doing this and think of your goal.

    I've been to the gym every day this week and done at least a hour per day. My energy levels are still up and down but I'm generally fine; although the exercise has increased my appetite a bit!

    I did buy myself some sugarfree sweets today, as a treat. Last night I was craving something to eat (I think psychological more than anything)...anyway, I guessed it wouldn't kill me to have some in the cupboard, just in case!

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  14. SuperNova

    SuperNova Well-Known Member

    Hi Rachel.. Im back on track again today but have been off the rails for a few. Well done to you for going to the gym every day thats brilliant. Its not long untill your weigh day now is it so fingers crossed for a good loss. My weigh day is going to be pants but I am expecting to have put on. I will just be happy if I can be 100% from now till then. I will try and remember your note you have on the bottom of your signature because its so true!! Have a good day x
  15. Glad you're back in track. I know better than mist how difficult it can be once you come off those rails! I previously lost 7 stone on weightwatchers but have put over 4 and a half stone back on gradually; it's too easy to let old habits creep back. Pur a line under the last few days, there's no point in reminding yourself that you slipped up.
    I'm happy that I've gone to the gym, it's a bit of a big step for me for it's great.

    Also, another little cheat...if you're desperate to eat something, have some sugarfree's virtually calorie free and no carbs, or make some sugarfree lollipops.

  16. Hey supernova, how did you do in your weight-in this week? I only lost 3lbs, which is a little disappointing considering I've been to the gym 6 times, although I'm not disheartened as it's still a loss, and to be honest I'd love to lose 3lbs per week. It's been a bit tougher this week, and not always been 100% (substituted a few shakes with chicken salad and a multivitamin). How did the rest of your week go? Rachel.
  17. energygirl199

    energygirl199 Member

    If your're in ketosis on day 6 im thoroughly jealous took me till day 10 or 11 before I found the diet slightly easier. The first 10 days were dreadful!! I really wouldn't dare come off even for food week because I don't think I could face that first 10 days again!!

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