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Started At Last - John_T's Tale

I have finally decided to do something after months if not years of vacillation and excuses.

I was a rugby player and pretty big to start with although all muscle and bone :p. Since an injury forced retirement I have ballooned from my fighting weight of 230 lbs to 292 lbs and have set myself a target of getting down to 200 lbs.

After talking to my doctor she agreed a vlcd diet would be appropriate and pointed me to Lipotrim. Off I went to the chemists who gave me a few packs to try out.

Result? It is vile :yuk: or at least I thought it was, the flavours were so artificial I actually gagged when trying to drink the stuff.

I settled on "Weight To Go" seemed simple and has real food as well as shakes.

Five days in and I have lost 9lbs although I expect this to slow down. Fingers crossed!
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Week one over :D I wish I could say it was easy, Friday and Saturday were the worst, boy did I want an ice cold lager yesterday!

11.1lb loss is a lot more than I expected and doubt it will be repeated next week, I think I would be worried if it was!

I haven't felt weak which was an initial worry but do have a mouth which feels like the bottom of a budgie's cage.

The WTG diet seems OK the soups and meals are quite tasty and I tend to spice them up with some Nando's Peri Peri sauce!

I am going to reward myself tonight with a small piece of fillet steak and some steamed broccoli :eat:

Now for breakfast .... ANOTHER shake :cry:
Well done for reaching the end of week one and an excellent loss!
Lost 2.7lb since Sunday morning, I am relieved the rate of loss has slowed down, losing 11lb or so in the first week worried me a bit.

Do I feel hungry? Funnily enough I don't which is good and I am enjoying the food supplied by WTG. The shakes .... a necessary evil, I am fed up of them already but realise they are essential.
Well done on your loss John. 11lbs in your first week is great, some of it will have been your glycogen stores and some of it fat, either way, you still weigh less:D.

I've done LL, CD and tried Kee diet products, out of the 3 of them CD tasted better and had much more choice. Thing is you get used to the taste, and your tastes changes along the way.
Cheers Minime :)

I could murder a slice of hot buttered toast with Marmite!

I am standing firm, where's my glass of water?
Two weeks in and 18lb gone :) 7lb in my second week!

Psychologically the Friday and Saturday are definitely the worst days but I managed to get through them with only one minor transgression.
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21lbs gone and now at the weight I was two years ago; a good milestone.
All I can say is AMAZING! Well done you must be really motivated. Good luck with tonight and Saturday these are the worst days for me too. Feel like I deserve a treat 'cos its Friday night, think I'll run a bubble bath tonight to stop me.

Gem x:D
Thanks Gem :D last night was hard ended up drinking lots of ginger and lemon tea, some saturday night lol

Well it is now three weeks and 22.8lb gone. The precipitous weight loss of the first two weeks has stabilised with 5.9lb being lost in the third week. I guess my body has finally woken up to the fact it is starving!
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Well done you are doing great!!
Thanks "annie" and "kaz" your support helps to keep me going. A strange week this week, 2lb lost in four days so the rate of loss continues to slow; still heading in the right direction though :)

I had to do a business lunch yesterday which threw me a bit! I settled on grilled chicken breast, salad with no dressing and mineral water much to everybodys merriment! Blokes don't do diets ha ha ha .... enjoy your steak and chips boys :(
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morning john
well done on resisting the steak and chips thats a great achievement
just keep telling yourself you can have it when you are slimmer
keep up the good work and think how great you will feel when you reach goal
Four weeks done and 2st 1lb gone :party0049: 5.1lb lost this week. Cracking the 2 stone mark has given me a boost as this week was a bit of a struggle.

I can comfortably fit in 42" waist trousers rather than uncomfortably fit in 44" and I have also gone down a jacket size to 48" and two collar sizes from 18 to 17. Good job I kept some clothing when my weight was on the way up in the hope it would come down.

Weekends are still the worst time as during the week I have less time to think of eating. Right now I am struggling to get rid of a craving for a bacon butty with HP sauce.

The last four weeks is also the longest I have been without a beer since I started drinking over thirty years ago. Do I miss it? Yes, but not as much as a bacon butty :rolleyes:

How do I feel physically? I have noticed a big improvement in my stamina whilst walking, especially up hills, and I don't get out of breath as much. As an extra bonus I haven't had any back pain for about two weeks (one of the reasons I started the diet).

My next major goal is 231lb as that was the weight I was eight years ago
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2 stone 1lb in 4 weeks! Thats amazing, John! I'm only on day three, but I missed having a drink this weekend too. Can you see a difference in the mirror? Sometimes its hard to see yourself even though it's obvious to everyone else that you've lost.

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