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Started back!


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
Hey guys :)) not used this site in ages n fot I would pop back on. When I did meal replacement diet few years back I did cambridge n lost 6 stone n 5 months but came of it n couldn't get back on it again :-( but started Exante in May n doin good. It isn't easy so hopefully readin all the success stories on this will keep me goin! Just wanted to say hi n hope everyone havin a good wkend xx
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I also did Cambridge diet and couldnt get back on it thank god for Exante. Good luck on your journey im sure you will be able to do it. I am on day 5 and managed to do 100% on TS so if i can do it anyone can...

Wow you lost so much on Cambridge lets hope Exante is the same for you, look forward to seeing the weight losses



Iam Loving It!! lol lol
Hi Rachel :)) nice to get a reply back. I loved this site before, it was my lifeline when I first did it. I made some good friends from here who knew how it feels to do a meal replacement diet. Helps keep u sane lol. I started on Exante 8th May n so far I have lost 3st 8lbs. I had a couple wks off cos went to see Take That n drank n munched that wkend n found it hard to get back on but did pheew :))! I have sooo much weight to lose n this is the only way I can but it's really hard! Just got stick with it. I weight in on Wed's so let u know how I do. Lookin forward to hearing how u get on also!xx


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Wow thats impressive 3stone 8lbs you must be so pleased with that. It took me ages to decide whether to come back to doing this kind of diet again but i am in the zone for it now. Had my first coke zero tonight as i was going to fail but i stuck to it and enjoyed my coke zero and a bar instead i am so pleased with myself.

I weigh in Thursday so ill make sure i post it in here and maybe we can support each other through this and share our weight losses as it always helps.

When your focused on the diet its easy and im beginning to see how bad i was before starting this diet.

I have about 5 and half stone to loose but i have a holiday on the 27th Oct (im going back to the Dom rep and so happy about it) but i am worried in the 2 weeks of all inclusive i mess it up and end up not getting back onto it as it is so hard.. i will have to come to that when it happens.
Its hard once you stop n start, I started on LL andin 12 weeks lost 3stone 13 lbs...then decided I would comeonto exante...struggledwith taste of shakesn quit...didnt really give adecent enough try, was gonna go back to LL but just cant justify the cost to myself so re-ordered a bumper pack n starting again tomorrow... just gonna wash the shakes down... its not forever so quicker I start quicker I get where I wanna be!!!
Hi Steph - I posted a tip on one of the other threads about shakes; they are 'difficult' aren't they? I have found that if I use chilled water (chilled overnight in the fridge) and then mix the shake using a stick blender I get a lovely light, frothy, COLD shake that actually tastes so nice I can see me making it my "Breakfast of choice" when I finally come off TS.

Give it a go. Why suffer any more than we have to?? :)
Hi everyone, hope I can join you as I too have a long way to go and only on day 3 of sole source. I am on holiday in 3 weeks time and worried about gaining loads again whilst away but shall try not to go mad and make sure I get straight back on when I get back!
I weigh on a Monday and am not allowing myself to check daily, holy, etc!!!
Good luck everyone xx


Feeling great in 2012!
Hi, I'm about to start Exante. I did Lipotrim 6 years ago and managed to lose 5 stone when on it 100% and then another 2 stone with a low fat, low calorie diet. Kept it off for a couple of years by being careful but then I started working away from home during the week and staying/eating in hotels and now I'm back where I started :(. I'm not travelling away these days so hope I can get back on track.

Someone at work is about to start LL and it's given me the motivation to start again too. I thought I'd try Exante this time around as it looks easy to get hold of with more choices than with Lipotrim. I hated everything but the chocolate shakes last time so lived on them for 4 months when I was on LT 100%. I'm hoping that I can enjoy some of the Exante bars / soups this time around. Not 100% sure what my starting weight will be but likely to be around 18 stone :sigh: Seem to have mislaid the scales since we moved house so I've ordered some more online today and hopefully they'll show up sometime during the week.

Trying to gear myself up mentally to start tomorrow. I was really motivated last time, just hope I can stick to it this time around.
Hi ladies. I'm restarting tomorrow as I came off Exante due to some thyroid treatment which made me feel bad. I'm excited at all the positive things this diet will do for me. Can I join and be buddies?
Please do join us - I've had a relapse!! Thought I could introduce some light meals and just couldn't control myself, so back to it with a vengeance (damn!!)
I too have thyroid problem - hypothyroidism, so maybe we can encourage each other.
Good luck and welcome xx


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Good luck to you all - I am on day 10 and so far have managed 100% ts I need to lose 5 stone ish so I hope I can stick it out ;)
Good luck! With positive thoughts, willpower and us to fall back on if things get tough, you'll be absolutely fine :)
Hi all. It's great to have people here who understand how hard it is to get back on the wagon. This diet has so many positives, it's hard to imagine why I struggle. But today I'm going to try and get through the whole day TS. Then tomorrow, then the next day, etc.
You can do it!! I have had a pants week and haven't managed to stick with it ......... So hey ho here I go again. Hols start next Tuesday so will be away for 3 weeks but when I get back shall deffo be back here for tons of support xxxxxxxx

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