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Started CD on monday

Hello guys I am a total newbie started this Cambridge diet on Monday
I am 153 cm and weigh 59 Kg Iam
Only 2 kilos away from a healthy bmi but I hav been struggling with them
Since last April 2010 =s
So I lost 1.5 pounds first day and then the next day put it back on :s buy my mother did this diet and lost a stone in 3 weeks n she looks amazing, but I need some support becuz I am starting to loose faith in my metabolism I hope this forum helps me =D
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So even If no one is reading I just update myself :p

Day 4 i totally messed up had a slice of cake :s I don't know why I do this to myself I've lost lots of weight before but these last few I have just lost the will power I think I'm tired I'm 21 I want to enjoy mg time go to the cinema eat popcorn go to parties and not worry bout what passes my lips like every1 else problem is in my circle of ppl no one has weight issues they look at food and lose weight so I feel ashamed of being on a diet n just avoid goin out ten I get depressed n then I junk out yay fun times but I Rlly want to stick to this diet I've seen it work so I hav a little faith


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S: 10st0lb C: 8st6lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 21.6 Loss: 1st8lb(15.71%)
HI, the first few days on a VLCD are a real roller coaster. Your body does not lose weight in an even way and weighing yourself daily really doesn't help(although most of us do it!!). Try to focus on your weekly weigh in and you will find that all your hard work really has paid off. Losing weight is also about looking at your life style and re-arranging things. I used to love pop corn, now I make it myself and you don't get all the added extras(nasties) that come with the cinema stuff. You have the extra bonus that you have seen the results that can be achieved. Keep focused on what you want to achieve and the rest will follow. Hugs.
Thank you for that I think my problem is weighing myself everyday I am being impatient I know that, and losing weigh has always been lyk this for me I gain then lose loads a of a sudden but am not going to give up that easily! The end of the week weigh in will be positive I know it =) thank you for the support xxxx
So day 5, first of all gorg weather Iam dying to go outside Iam still stuck indoors work sucks sometimes :p, ofc Iam a serial weigher so had to weigh myself this morning horrible Mistake! I've gained weight yet again, but it hasn't Rlly bothered me much today as last time I think it's the sunny weather, am supposed to be going on a road trip to Elsmere forest tommorow n I know there will be a picnic n junk food so I need to equip my self with total will power, cuz the problem with being close to the end is I don't see my self as fat anymore and think to myself oh il jus mess-up today n lose weight tommorow n then tommorow comes and I've put about 5kgs back on a vicious cycle! Any ways hopefully tommorow will be a success and a Fun day if activity!

S: 11st4lb C: 8st13lb BMI: 19 Loss: 2st5lb(20.89%)
Long term, has she gone back to bad eating habits? I ask, because the most successful diets are lifestyles, with a treat here and there:)
I dont have bad eating habits surprisingly and makes my life more frustrating, I had hormonal problems when I was younger andi never got taller so I went wide ways I strtd takin these hormone Injections when was 13 but being young n having to jab needles in my stomach everyday one day I refused n my parents couldn't force me n I jus bout reached my height and ever since ive been on diets to lose weight, when I'm not on a diet I don't eat chocolate sor crisps or fried foods jus normal food lyk cereal and rice with vegetables and meat and i dn eat dinner jus a late lunch we. Egyptian so we not lly do lunch and dinner jus dinner but a little earl yin the day I wish I had bad habits it wud make my life so much easier. X
S: 11st4lb C: 8st13lb BMI: 19 Loss: 2st5lb(20.89%)
This is a wee off topic but the reason I went on the raw food diet is because most women long term have a small waist, but a full chest. To me that says that it helps balance hormones. Sorry, forgive me if you are not female (I didn't check):/
S: 16st8lb C: 16st4lb G: 15st3lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 0st4lb(1.72%)
PamelaViktoria said:
This is a wee off topic but the reason I went on the raw food diet is because most women long term have a small waist, but a full chest. To me that says that it helps balance hormones. Sorry, forgive me if you are not female (I didn't check):/
Raw food diet, do you have a diary ? Which section do you post in?
I lost 2.6 pounds!! So happy now I was almost going to give up but u guys were right I shud stop weighing myself everyday, even tho this was a success I decided to switch to slim fast because I want to exercise n on cd it was impossible to move, hopefully i know it will be slower but I only hav 8 pounds till my target weight so i would rater do it nice and slow so that I dong put it back on again :) xx
So day 2 of slim fast I was really hungry yesterday after work and I did 45 mins of zumba which is super fun! But I got thru it it's much easier than CD ofc cuz there's akt food and I realised that when I do a semi starvation diet Iam setting myself up for failure becuz it plays with my head but now I feel good already got a kick start from the week of CD, already lost 0.3 pounds in a day hopefully I will reach my goal by my friends wedding on th beginning of July! Yay

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Hiya I have just recently joined and read your story ur just like me I weigh myself everyday and it gets me so down!! I have such a sweet tooth and my husband buys so many sweets for him and my daughter so hard to resist hope it goes well for u xxx
Ladies , I'm sure you have heard this countles times - but you really need to try and lock those scales away until your weekly weigh in - your weight can fluctuate up to 4 pounds through the day , and your great efforts could be thwarted if your scales are not showing drops in weight on a daily basis which won't help you to mentally sustain the diet. My dh is in control of mine so I only get to look at them once a week. also I have a little treat if I have lost weight as I have the rest of the week to work it off!! best of luck x

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