started exante total today!

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  1. candy68

    candy68 Member

    Never been on a VLCD so its all new. Feeling hungry and a bit wobbly on the willpower side. I wonder if anyone can tell me can I have licorice tea and ginger tea on this diet?

    Lol candy:confused:
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  3. Hi candy. I'm new to VLCD too, started last week and currently on day 8 however I don't know about those teas? There is a thread about what you can drink however I'm not sure they're mentioned? But if you ask in there maybe someone will know.

    Good luck x
  4. candy68

    candy68 Member

    Hi (if at first), thanks for your reply, which plan are you following? im on the total plan. Well done on your weight loss! I wondered if you can answer a question for me can you make up the soups before you go out and reheat in the microwave at work? How easy have you found it sticking to the diet. I got such a shock this morning I weighed myself for the first time since the beginning of December and I had put on a stone! I really hadnt expected it to be so much. I knew I had put on but not that much. Bit of a sod as I thought I might have a stone to stone and a half to loose but no its 2 stone! Its all got to go I can bear it and my clothes are all too tight. Good luck, would be lovely if we could keep in touch if you like? love Candy xx
  5. I'm on total too although as I said somewhere else I've not been 100% throughout. I haven't 'eaten' as such but I have a nibble here and a bite there so my loss rate should be slower but I can handle that :) (although knocked myself out of ketostis today so trying to refocus, be sensible and am drinking loads of water)

    I don't have facilities at work so I only have shakes or bars when I'm there.

    I had a similar shock to you when I bought scales so I sympathise there but use it to drive you onwards :)
  6. I took half of my staff out for lunch yesterday and I am currently sat in an all you can eat Chinese buffet with the other half and I've not eaten a thing. Today's lunch is HARD as this is my favourite place

    Excuse me why I have a little cry...
  7. candy68

    candy68 Member

    Bless you, very brave to go there, not sure id have the strength not to eat. Im on my 4th day. I feel like i smell of butter milk. Ive looked this up and apparantly its part of being in ketosis? very strange! smelling like an old cow. Anyone else noticed this? Had a mad desire to clean the whole house, not my usual self! feel a bit strange slightly light headed. Keep strong if a first! love Candy x
  8. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

    Hope everything is still going okay! Good Luck!
  9. candy68

    candy68 Member

    Hi Kape, well done on your loss fantastic result! I am a bit puzzled its day 5 and i have tested with ketones sticks and i am still not in ketosis. I havent cheated except for adding about 60-70g of brussel sproats or cauliflower to my evening supplement. I asked the customer centre and they said it would be fine and not effect me going into ketosis. I havent weighed my self yet. Any ideas?

    Candy xx
  10. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

    Hmmm - I haven't ever used those ketone sticks before, so I couldn't tell you how reliable they are. However, I wouldn't expect the brussel sprouts/ cauli to take you over as long as you don't have too many! I would maybe just wait it out and see what results you get when you step on the scales :) and go from that.

    It normally takes from 3-5 days to get into ketosis, maybe even a week. With exercise that time can be reduced to as minimum as 1-2 days.

    Don't worry Candy - just keep plodding along and see how you do. If you don't mind me asking - what is the reasoning for adding the sprouts and cauli?

  11. candy68

    candy68 Member

    Adding the veg was more of a volume thing. I looked at the portion size of the carbonara and felt scared and the veg would ease me into things a bit. However, just stuck to the meal replacements today and dont feel any different. I do have a bit of hunger/rumbling although nothing like a craving! Thanks for the great advice I will weigh on Wednesday and see! love Candy xx ps would be great to keep in touch x
  12. kapekapekapekape

    kapekapekapekape Awesome cool :)

    No problem Candy68! You will probably find that you wont need the extra veg, I would consider going without it just to ensure that you definitely experience the full potential of the Exante diet. It'll be worth it in the end chuck. :) - deffos keep in touch!

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