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Started Lipotrim TFR today... Am freaking out!!! lol

Hey everyone, have been reading through some threads and feel totally inspired. But after only 12 hours on lipotrim I feel like im gonna die!! Im sooo cold and I feel like I have been hit round the head with a shovel. Im fighting the hunger but am actually hallucinating the smells of food lol. Im really worried that I dont have the strength to do this!!! Is it common to get the negative side effects so quickly?? How long will it last??!

Im also worried that if i do achieve my target weight that ill end up with half a ton of saggy skin that ill be even more unhappy with than the flab... has anyone lost all their weight and been happy with their body??? arrggghhhh its scary

congratulations to everyone who has been strong and had success, you are a real inspiration that this CAN be done!!
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Hi Squeeze. To be honest i didnt have any of the headaches,hunger pangs etc,but everyones different. From what i have read,i think they say the 3rd day is the worst .Make sure you have loads of water and spread the shakes out during the day.tring to have the lastone about 7-8ish .
As for the saggy skin .lol. excersise and plenty of water is the answer to that one .
This diet is drastic but thhe results are amazing , im on my 3rd week and already lost a stone . So you can do it if you stick to it .
Lots of luck x
Thankyou and congratulations on your success so far... Hearing peoples positive stories is definately stopping me from hitting the kitchen lol. Im so used to failing on diets that I dont trust my ability to see something through. But Im going to do it and am grateful for your motivational words :) brilliant that you didnt have the bad side effects though... i am SO SO cold and cant warm up. and the headache is horrid. and all on day one!!! im pathetic lol

good luck with the rest of your journey :) x
You're welcome. You'l get lots of support from people on here .
I do know what you mean by being cold, i do get that :( i usualy havea hot drink (green tea)
I know i shouldnt but i do weigh myself each morning ,that motivates me to continue :)
Hi Squeeze, you sound just like me and practically have the same size and weight, i am on day 3 (4 tommorow) of Lipotrim, its not easy but definately not as hard as i thought it would be. I'v got my first weigh in on friday so am looking forward to seeing if all this starvation has been worth it, good luck in getting thru the first few days, these are apparently the hardest, hopefully it gets easier after that !
Thanks guys! wow I cant believe how much easier this feels already for joining this forum. Iv never been one for internet discussions and stuff but I can tell this is how im gonna get through it!! Thanks for the tip suzanne I may get in some green tea (yak) and see if it warms me up... Iv actually got goosebumps and my heatings on full whack!

Kmassy.. im sure you are going to be a load lighter at your weigh in.. well done for making it through the first few days. Im finding it alot harder than I anticipated. From what iv read though it does become a lot easier the further you go on. Good luck and hope you get a fantastic result on friday :)

also... iv seen people with pics on their profile. How do you add pics???

take it easy and keep at it!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on making a start. The first week can be tough for some. Just keep busy, get plenty of early nights, drink three litres of water every day. The water really helps with the detox.
Set some mini goals too as these will help keep you on track.
Lots of luck
WOOOOWWWW irish molly congratulations on your FANTASTIC results.. what an inspiration! You must feel amazing. Thankyou for your tips and being proof that it can be achieved. Your loss is astounding. I see people have put their mini goals at the end of all their threads... sorry to be a newb, but how do you do it?? x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Thanks for the kind words. When you have posted 50 times you can then add a signature. So keep posting and staying 100%!!
Hi again, thanks for your reply Squeeze, cant wait for my weigh in on Friday. I was wondering if anyone else on Lipotrim was advised to buy "fibre clear" (one ofthe only extra's allowed on LT) because i have been using it and have not had a single "number 2" since starting LT, (4 days) I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem as i am worried after all this hard work, i wont have lost any weight, thanks, Karen
Well I'm not gonna bother with fibreclear yet... Just see how it goes. When I was on Atkins I didnt go for 11 days lol. But that was horrid cuz I was eating loads of fatty meat etc and it was just getting stuck!! Im guessing with LT that you don't go much but you don't need to cuz ur not eating! I'm not too worried, unless I start feeling rubbish. Just drink loads of water and if u are worried maybe try fibreclear for a while. Let me know if you find it helpful! X
Yes i will, thanx for that, have just discovered that peppermint tea is actually bearable with a sweetener so thats cheered my day up a bit. Will let you know about my weigh in om fri xx
Was considering gettin some sweeteners in but I'm worried they will remind me of sweet things and I'll end up craving sweets or something lol. I also want my taste buds to change totally so that when I move on to re-feed I'll enjoy unsweet things... As before I started LT I would have to force feed myself vegetables! Obviously things are different for everyone but I think I should stay away from the sweeteners! (sounds good though!) :)
i'm in my first week and the first day i cleaned out the fridge and filled it with bottled water, take up a new hobby maybe
I really wish I could do that! But I have a 3 yr old daughter that eats like a horse and the fridge is full of cheese, ham and yogurts lol soooo tempting. And having her wafting cheese and onion crisps in my face earlier was hell!
Gosh I know the feeling. I made gorgeous pancakes for my 2 small ones this afternoon. Also cut ham, cheese, crispy veg, bread, and more.
Squeeze...hang in there. You are probably having your Day 3 today!! I am finding it hard today but no headache> Sitting on top of the fire and drinking water. Lets just keep slogging on. I can't wait to get weighed and try on some nice clothes I have that I haven't been able to wear for ages!!

Chin up!
thankyou hun! its so amazing to have the support that all the people on here offer... and if at any point you feel like its unobtainable... go look at the 'motivation slideshow' on this site... i just watched it and it brought me to tears. Its so achievable and we can do it!! We are in the very early days but we can and WILL get there. You stay strong too. we all deserve to be the people we want to be. Keep me updated with how your going :) x
Had my first weeks weigh in and lost 5lb, was a little dissapointed as everyone else seems to lose more on their first week, but i must admit to emptying the contents of the fridge the night before starting so maybe thats got something to do with it. I'll look forward to next fridays clear week, anyone else had their first weeks weigh in ? :)

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