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  1. hannahsmummy1

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    I started the CD on tuesday this week. So far im surprised at how well im doing, i havent cheated once, i have been more than fulfilling my quota of water each day, and i have been enjoying my shakes & soups (with the exception of the spicy tomato!) I only had one little tiny headache yesterday when i woke up, but it was gone by mid morning. I have tried (unsuccessfully!) in the past to lose weight, but this time something is different. Im fed up of being overweight, not being able to go shopping for nice clothes that will fit me! I have a school reunion this year so it would be nice to lose a few stone before then. I have set myself a target of 4 & a half stone to lose. When i went to my CDC on tueday she weighed me and with clothes on was 14 stones 9 pounds. The heaviest i have ever been. Im looking forward to seeing the weight coming off!
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  3. minilady

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    Glad you are feeling so well and positive:) It's a wonderful diet, and Minimins is definately a great place to retreat to if you have any questions or need a bit of encouragement or inspiration.

  4. EmMUK

    EmMUK Trying Hard!

    well done for starting. great news about finding it easy. the first few days are the hardest and then it's pretty much plain sailing so it looks like you'll do great. those stones will be gone in no time, believe me. can't wait to see 1st wi.
  5. Azar

    Azar Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    great stuff.....

    Just stick to and and you will see the weight jumping off, week in / week out

    good luck!!
  6. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    :wavey: Welcome.... Glad to hear you are coping well with CD, it's a great diet & you see results fast:) Keep posting on minimins it is so supportive on here, these lovely people have certainly helped me through some tough times.....Good luck hun can't wait to hear you are shrinking!....


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