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Started on Wednesday 9/6/10 - determined!

Hi everyone,

I have been carrying excess weight since a hysterectomy three years ago but always been a bit bigger than I wanted to be. 14 when I wanted to be 12, then 16 when 14 would suit my frame better etc, slowly but surely I have slipped to 18/20 which for my 5'3" frame, is not healthy. So here we go....

I started on the 810 plan and think I chose well as I think the small meal is making the difference psychologically. I have done Atkins in the past and know from experience that being in ketosis (even mild) is good for my weight loss.

I started on Wednesday 9th. I have not found many mixes that are palatable when mixed tho I followed my CDC's advice and used a soup blender to remove those revolting powdery lumps! They are much improved but the problem I have is that I seem to lose half the mixture to the kitchen worktop as it is very exhubherant! Would I be better off with an actual blender?

I have tried the tetras too as my CDC gave me a mixed pack to try, and they are much nicer however so little, in your head you have had a little drink.

I must admit to getting the munchies tonight. I have (by reading this board) taken a mint/choc mix and am drinking it hot and I think it is healping and although it means I am a shake too many today, I am sure that is better than something off plan. I am generally not very good at sticking to diets so am proud of myself for this so far.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and had lost 3lbs, but today am back to where I started. I probably need to drink more but dislike the taste of plain water. My CDC said to leave the flavours until week 2 at earliest to make sure I am in ketosis. Any advice? Can I drink sugar free squash?

Thanks in advance for any advice you are able to give!

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Welcome & good luck!

I would avoid squash as it isn`t allowed and your CDC is right, No bars,water flavourings or mix a mousse until week 3 is that I have been advised.

I am also doing 810 plan as although I can cope without food, My body can`t. I think this has been a great decision and I`m not even tempted to cheat.

I got myself a small blender for about a tenner from Tesco.


LiSe x
Hi Lise,

Thanks for your reply. I will take a look tomorrow for a blender as the one I have is fine for blending soup in a saucepan but no good for this diet!

Trawling through this board has kept me from thinking about food tonight. I am going to get another 1/2 litre of water in before bed. I will have to grin and bear water until I can have flavouring then!

Its funny that my CDC gave me two bars as part of my "selection". She chose two flavours that she said were the only ones I could have before week three.

It`s a bit odd that she gave you bars for your first week :confused:

This board is BRILL for advice or inspiration :D I love it :D

Have a great Sunday Xxx
Thanks, bought a blender in Argos for £9.79 :eek:)

Tried the porridge for breakfast - YUKKKKK!!!!
Bargain!! :D

I can`t have the porridge :(
So first weigh in tomorrow after 5 days (just the way the appointment worked out so will post with my update.

Did you know that the prices go up on 1st July? I presume its personal to the consultant how much and when they do it but my budget is tight so its an extra incentive to make sure it works!

Hi - I use a shaker for my shakes. I have an old Celebrity Slim one. I add ice,give it a stir to get rid of the big lumps and then shake for about a minute which seems to make it smooth.

I have only tried the Apple porridge and was struggling but bought some tablet sweeteners and added some to the water and it suddenly now tastes ok!

We started within a day or so of each other so I am just starting on week 2. I can't wait to get to week 3 to try the bars and the flavouring. I am hoping the Golden Vegetable will be a godsend for me after work when I feel very hungry.

Try as I might shaking them did nothing for the lumps! I bought a jug blender today from Argos for less than a tenner and it has dramatically changed the taste and texture of the shakes - fluffy and frothy! Adding more water to them is helping the water go down! I feel that the blender will be my saviour with this diet in that I will now be able to stomach it!

I have already had two of the bars (apparently there are two that are ok in the first stages according to my CDC - no idea if this is right but they are long since eaten so I can't take that back!). They were nice.

Fingers crossed for a good loss tomorrow as I am the kind of person that needs to see results to keep my enthusiasm!
oh and btw 1 stone in week one - blummin brilliant!!! well done you!
Goodluck southwestnurse:) I started on 10/06/10 now on day 4 of ss, was feeling very sorry for myself today:wave_cry: but have stayed strong:)
If you get the original porridge try adding a tsp of the cd shake powder..i use the vanilla/ chocolate. Add after micowaving.
Goodluck x
Hi Trolley Dolly, Well done for staying strong. I tried the apple one todayand it was really bad! it stayed as clumps of powder in a warm watery mix and I stirred and stirred and dug in and practically spat it out! My favourite products so far are the tetras (but am trying to only have them as and when I can't make a shake as it is important to me to keep the cost down), the bars that I have had (don't know why I was given them, but hey I was!), and shakes since the blender purchase! - choc, banana, fruits of the forest, strawberry. Soups wise I have only had leek and potato so far but that was ok. I mixed it in a little bit of water to make a paste and added hota water a little at a time and that worked.

Weighed myself a couple of days ago and I had lost 3 lbs, tonight I am exactly the weight I was on Wednesday when I started!!!!!!! I don't get that!
its trial and error with the flavours..choc mint is lush:)
With the porridge I try and get rid of the lumps with a fork before I microwave.
Also, I know you said your budget is tight but on week three try mix a mousse it well worth it...although a knack to getting it right...think you have to use very cold water about 200ml and whisk for a minute, then let set....just another idea:)
You sound very determind and strong I think you will do well.
Good luck with you WI tomorrow.

I struggled shaking the shakes so i use a blender too, I also blend soups aswell.

I think I will try a soup later with a bit of chocolate in there as see how I get on, because normally I hate the porridge. x x
Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the mousse - would that be a small pot size mousse that it makes or a larger one?
I would say larger than pot size:) and the tub of mix a mousse last quite a while as only allow one a day from week three. Last time it was my end of day treat and will be the same this time x
Good luck for your WI x
Thanks for the good luck, but sadly my first week being good as gold (there's a first!) resulted in the massive weight loss of 2lbs!!!!!

I am gutted but I had lost inches off my tum so I guess the number on the scales may need to catch up!
Thanks for that Lyndzi (love that spelling!). I shall continue to be a good girl! Was looking forward to seeing a good loss but we can't always have what we want!

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