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Started RC Solo Slim Today!

S: 14st8.5lb C: 14st4.5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 0st4lb(1.96%)
Good Luck and hope it goes well.;)
Am very tempted to join you but at the mo, the pennies are an issue so please let us all know how your getting on :D
S: 13st12.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 11st12.5lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 2st0lb(14.4%)
Hi, I am loving the RC Solo Slim!! I am managing to stick to it more than I thought I would. I have cheated a little bit because I started just before the weekend and I always struggle at weekends with food and drink BUT I feel I have lost weight already as the meals I am eating are calorie controlled and heatlhy.

I recommend trying the 7-day box to see how you get on, if you dont like it then at least you have tried it. :)


On A Mission!
S: 17st9lb C: 10st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 7st0lb(39.68%)
how much is the 7 day box and what do you get in it roughly
S: 13st12.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 11st12.5lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 2st0lb(14.4%)
At the moment the 7 day box is £39.99 + P&P.

You get:
7 x soups
7 x ready meals
1 x box of cereal bars
1 x box of hot chocolate
1 x block of Rosemary Conley Cheese

You get to chose which soups and meals are included in your box as there are 30 varieties! You can also chose to have 2 boxes of cereal bars or 2 x boxes of hot chocolate instead of 1 each.

A meal plan book comes with the box which I have found very useful! :)


soon to be skinny minnie
S: 16st8lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st7lb(3.02%)
hey well done for starting solo slim. I'd love to give it a go but me and my oh are doing rc, we joined last weds and for us both to do solo slim it would be £80 per week, so just sticking with the calorie counting. Let us know how much you lose though.


New Member
S: 16st6lb C: 16st3lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 35.5 Loss: 0st3lb(1.3%)
bubbalicious said:
Hello Everyone!

Its my first day on RC Solo Slim diet and I am actually looking forward to it!

Will post how I get on later. I only got the 7-day box just to try it out.

Wish me luck! :eek:
Hi there,
You will enjoy it. Been on the solo meals for two weeks now and on RC for three ( followed the low calories principle for the first week) and i have lost 12 1/2 lbs of the 70 i need to lose. The food is great and it's so good to be at last organised and to know excatly what to have and when to have it.
Good luck. Remember it's one day at a time.
Take care. Nath x
S: 13st12.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 11st12.5lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 2st0lb(14.4%)
Well I had my first weekly weigh in after starting Solo Slim and I have lost 4 pounds!!! :clap:

Very pleased with that and I also have to confess that although I did stick to the Solo Slim food throughout the week, over the weekend I did drink some wine and eat some jaffa cakes!! So I would have probably lost more if I stuck to it 100%.

I have brought another 7 day box to give it another week at 100%, then after that I will starting cooking the food myself.

Hoorray for Rosemary Conley!! :eek:
S: 13st12.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 11st12.5lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 2st0lb(14.4%)
Weighed in again yesterday and I have lost 1 pound. 5 pounds in two weeks!! :eek:

I was naughty at the weekend again, but I still lost which is great!

Only got a few Solo Slim meals left then after that I will start making the food myself.


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S: 14st8lb C: 14st3.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st4.5lb(2.21%)
i think its a good idea because its so rigid but its a bit expensive i am just substituting the meals with ready meals of the same calories etc we have two instructors one doing solo slim the other doing the equivelent in calories and they both lost the same. glad your doing well though XXX

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